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How to Rekindle Your Inner Light

By on Oct 20, 2013

rekindle your inner light

A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark. – Dante Alighieri

Life, with all that it has to offer, can give greatly. And at times, it can also take away.

Personal tragedies, whatever the cause, can wear anyone down. Even the strongest among us can find their inner light dimmed by these tough times.

When you find yourself drowning in darkness, take comfort in the simple fact that your light does not die. Light, in fact, is eternal. Believe that you have the power to rekindle it whenever you choose.

Start Your Fire

Fires give comfort when you feel alone in the darkness of a cold forest. They provide warmth, safety and light.

Building an inner fire can provide you with the same comfort. You can rekindle your inner fire and then use the light to find your way back to peace by remembering how a campfire is started when it’s needed most.

  • Gather the kindling
    Something cannot come from nothing. If you feel that your inner fire has burned out, it’s up to you to build a new one. Resist the temptation to suffer in the darkness and trust yourself to recover from the tragedy.

    Take it upon yourself to begin your healing and move on with your life. Find things in your life to help you restart your fire. Gather what you need from the woods and take it back with you.

    Prepare yourself to set a goal and then equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve that goal. Know what you need and then gather these things again.

  • Build the fire
    Before you can start the fire, you must first build the base for the fire.

    In the same manner a campfire is started, restarting your inner fire starts with a spark and some tinder.

    Setting concrete goals makes it easier to plan practical ways to achieve it. Outlining a plan of action is like stacking the kindling around the tinder. You have to know the kind of fire you need so you can decide how it is to burn.

    Starting a fire requires patience and perseverance. Don’t just throw a bunch of logs into a pile and hope that they catch fire. The same is true with your goals; start small—start with the tinder. When the tinder catches, move on to the kindling. And when the kindling catches, then you can move on to the larger fuel.

  • Feed the fire
    After you start the fire, you need to feed it to keep it burning. Add fuel to the fire. Work towards achieving the goal that you have set. Practice your skills or choose to learn new ones.

    The fire may dip at times, depending on external factors or even internal factors, but you must add fuel to keep it burning.

    This is the part that might seem tedious, but this is also the part where you remind yourself that you need the fire and that while keeping the fire alive may be troublesome, having to build a new one can be even more tiring.

  • Control the fire
    Fire does not produce its own fuel.

    When the fire is at the point where it’s no longer just a fragile flame, it runs the risk of being uncontrollable.

    Whether you toss in a block of wood, an old newspaper or a 200-year-old painting, fire does not discriminate and it will burn through what it touches. Take care of your inner fire, but control it so it does not consume you.

    Use your fire to ignite your passions in life and let your inner light guide you through your path in the world.

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  • Great note about consumption Alex. At 12 AM on a Monday morning I am working here in India but doing so from a calm, detached space. The moment my fire takes over, I become obsessed, and burn out…..literally and figuratively.

    Tend to your flame. It will grow on its own if you rest up, release and simply move forward with a pure, detached intent.

    Awesome share, thanks man!


    • 12 a.m. Ryan? It sounds like you’re burning your fire long, and bright! It is about balance – right? The amount of fire inside us can take us to wherever we want go.

      Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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