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How to Make Every Day Count

By on Nov 09, 2014

make every day count

Remember to spend some time with your loved ones, because they are not going to be around forever. – Bob Moorehead


Recent losses have reminded me that life passes by quickly. Since I can’t go back and delete what I don’t like or rewind my life so I could have lived it differently, the best I can do now is to make every day count.

Knowing that each moment slips quietly into the past inspires me to make the most of every second. Limiting regret and the should-haves, could-haves and would-haves gives me the courage to give the best of me every day.


Making Every Day Count

When my last day arrives I want to slip away knowing that I shared my heart completely and lived my life fully. To prepare, I’m going to try to make every minute last a little longer – I’m going to try to make every day count.

Here’s my plan. I hope it encourages you to cherish the amazing gift of today you’ve been given and to make every day count, too.

5 a.m.

I will rise early and take advantage of the early-morning quiet to pray, write or just be before the busyness of the day takes over. The coffee’s sweet aroma will be enjoyed as I consider more of my blessings and less of my worries.


6 a.m.

To keep my heart strong, I will work out most mornings. Playing my favorite music on my iPhone, I will use this time to be inspired by the lyrics as sweat covers me like a deliciously sticky goo that’s you don’t want to wipe away.


7 a.m.

Before leaving for work, I will kiss Mary Beth and Emily with heartfelt intention.


7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

At work, I will try harder to make a difference – to give the gifts I have and leave nothing behind. Though my job doesn’t define who I am, it does allow my family to live without worry. So, it’s important. It’s also important to help the people who need me there and to make the company stronger so everyone can continue to provide for their families without worry, too.


4:30 – 5 p.m.

During the drive home, I will use the time to connect with my other children. With Brandon in Atlanta, Caitlin in Virginia and Andrew in college, it’s easy to lose touch. But they still need me too, so I will let them know that I’m still here – thinking of them, caring about them and always loving them.


5 – 7 p.m.

Dinner, dishes, homework and catching up on the day fill the kitchen with an energy that can be intoxicating to savor. This time is the time that defines my life the most. This time is the time that I want to slow down the most. But since I can’t, I will do my best to cherish the moments before wrapping each one in a beautiful paper and then finishing them off with a bow before tucking the moments away in my mind forever.


7 – 8:30 p.m.

When it’s time to write, I will share an appropriately-sized window into my life so I can be invited into the lives and hearts of others. I will write authentically and transparently so my words have a chance of helping someone who needs them.


8:30 – 10 p.m.

When the day’s tasks are completed, this is the time Mary Beth and I enjoy the marriage we’ve built. Watching our favorite television shows with her head resting on my shoulder, I will soak in these moments and let the sweetness ooze its way all the way down into my soul.


10 p.m.

As I close my eyes, I will go to sleep with this one thought: I gave my best today. I gave my best effort – my best intentions – and my best love. If tomorrow doesn’t come, I know that will be enough.


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  • Sandy Massone

    Great post! I love your last point: as your close your eyes to remember that you gave your very best that day. I believe it also set up a wonderful intention that you take with you into the next morning. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Sandy – our best is the best gift we can offer! Thank you for reading!

  • Thanks for this article. That is what makes life truly beautiful. In spite of all that is happening around you and in the world we live in you can choose to be happy, calm, serene and at peace.
    What particularly love your post was that you never once mentioned all the distractions around you. You entire thoughts were on the things that truly matter.

    • Hi Rose,

      Thank you for your warm encouragement. It’s taken me 52 years to get my head around what’s important, but once I made the shift my life became even more beautiful.

      Take good care,


  • Love the balance you achieve in your day Alex and that your business revolves around your family. Too many people get it the wrong way around and wonder why their marriages are failing and they don’t have a good relationship with their children. Nice post!

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I used to have it the other way, but after learning the right order to put my priorities in, my life changed for the better!

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing,


  • Sandra Pawula

    So inspiring, Alex. I love that you give yourself quiet time in the morning and also time for exercise not to mention love, of course.

    • It’s all important Sandra and I know that you know that! Thanks for stopping by – it’s always great seeing you!

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