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How to Keep Your Faith Sharp

By on Jul 31, 2011

Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark. – Rabindranath Tagore

The moment you have hoped for has happened. Days, months or even years of waiting for wonderful, grace-drenched relief are now over. Perhaps you were struggling to find a positive outcome to a challenging relationship, or a financial crisis burdened you; or you were faced with a life-changing illness. No matter the situation, you held on because you never let go of your most important resource – your faith.

Faith’s strength lives in the promise that the impossible can become possible.

And when the possible does come true, what happens to your faith?

Does it retreat?

Left unused, does faith’s strength grow weak?

Is faith only present when you need it?

How do you keep your faith sharp so it’s there the next time you need to lean on its strength?

Keeping your faith strong, everyday

To keep your skills sharp, you need to practice. Baseball players take batting practice before each game; writers write daily; and chefs are in their kitchens creating new dishes almost every day, too.

Keeping your faith strong, even on the days when it’s not needed, is important because life can change in a blink. And when the unexpected does happen, it’s good to know your faith will be right there, as strong as always, to see you through.

Here are a few, simple things you can do to keep your faith sharp every day:

Stay involved. If you were part of a group during the difficult times, stay involved. The more you stay connected to a support system the more likely your faith will stay strong.

Say a simple prayer. Take a few moments over your morning coffee or during the drive to work, to express thanks for what you have and to ask your faith to keep growing stronger.

Talk to someone. If you feel your faith slipping, talk to someone who can help you bring it back.

Keep doing the things that make you strong. If you find peace in reading, listening to music or working out, keep doing these things. Stay true to the activities that give you strength because these are probably the things that nourish your soul, and feed your faith, the most.

Acknowledge your temptations. Rather it’s watching too much television, overeating or having one drink too many, be aware of what tempts you to turn away from your faith and to what you use to sabotage your true spirit.

Celebrate the moment. Take in this moment – the moment of delightful happiness. Celebrate the promotion, the resolved relationship, the good health. Enjoy the good times. Don’t allow fear to tell you the good feeling won’t last. Know this: It will last as long as you want it to last.

Keep growing, learning and changing. Celebrate, but don’t stand still. While acknowledging the good times, keep moving forward with faithful momentum. Don’t abandon the need to fill up on peace, love and inspiration. Keep growing in your faith; keep learning new ways to make your faith stronger and keep changing from a person who doubts your worth to someone who believes you are worthy to receive whatever lives in your heart.

Life’s simple irony

Your faith will be challenged again. Life’s simple irony is each day offers something new – some days provide sweet relief while other days bring bitter disappointment.

When disappointment returns, it’s good to know you don’t need to summon your faith when you make the commitment to keep it alive, well and sharp every day.

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