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How My Girls Make Me a Better Man

By on May 12, 2013

Better Man

The strength of a woman can carry the weight of the world. – Sarah Pezdek-Smith

My girls, pictured above: Emily (14), Mary Beth (I better not say) and Caitlin (24), make the month of May a busy one. It begins with Caitlin’s birthday and ends with Mary Beth’s birthday along with Mother’s Day and Emily’s spring dance recital thrown in for good measure.

I spend the month planning birthday dinners, shopping for gifts, picking up after-recital flowers and making sure all four children remember the second Sunday of May is always Mother’s Day.

With Brandon out of the house and Andrew in college, I’m the last guy standing. Sometimes I wish I had a son or two at home to help. But life moves on and so do I – and for that I’m grateful.

Grateful Living

Every day I give thanks for having these women in my life because more than making May a busy month, my girls remind me how they make me a better man.

Just a few reminders:

A reminder to live with passion
I watch my daughters welcome life and all that comes with it. Some days their smiles are a mile wide while on other days their tears seem to fall harder than rain. But on all days, Caitlin and Emily greet life with passion, honesty and courage.

A reminder to celebrate love
Mary Beth is my best friend. I may be her protector, but she is my savior. Every day she reminds that I’m worthy to be loved.

A reminder to realize what’s important
When Caitlin contracted a life-threatening kidney infection last summer, I thought the world as I knew it was about to end. That experience was a reminder to hold on tight to everything that’s important to me. Today I’m blessed to still be holding onto my daughter.

A reminder to be positive
Emily greets every day with a smile. No matter the situation, my younger daughter remains resilient, encouraged and positive. Because she approaches each challenge with the belief that something good will happen – it usually does.

A reminder to have fun
From pulling me onto a roller coasters to dancing to Don’t Stop Believin’, my daughters invite the kid in me to come out and play.

A reminder to let go
Mary Beth believes there’s a purpose for everything that happens and plan for her life greater than she can imagine. She reminds me to let go of what’s holding me back by doing exactly that.

A Woman of Strength

by: Jan Brooks

Above all, my girls remind me to be a man of strength. By witnessing their strength, I’m able to see the strength in me.

Let me leave you with a poem that seems like was written for my beautiful girls:

A Woman Of Strength
A woman of strength,
Has courage to face the day,
And the confidence,
To handle whatever comes her way.
A woman of strength,
Has so much love to give,
And more compassion,
It gives her a reason to live.
A woman of strength,
Can face trouble with more hope,
Face adversity,
Always finding the strength to cope.
A woman of strength,
Can take the bad with the good,
And learn from it all,
With a sense of pride that’s understood.
A woman of strength,
Can conduct herself with grace,
Hold her head up high,
And dignity always has its place.
A woman of strength,
Can face almost anything,
And can look forward,
To what the future will possibly bring…

{©2008 Jan Brooks}

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    I love the poem! Love it!

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    Lovely message. I love the poem at the end. Beautiful.