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Schedule a one-on-one blog consultation with me if you would like practical, easy-to-follow and effective solutions for all of your website or blogging challenges.

With over seven years of successful blogging experience, my advice can save you countless hours and thousands of dollars. I will help you create a website or blog that is properly designed, written and promoted so you can stand out as an expert in your field.

How can I help you?

I’ve written over 800 articles for this blog and for many others. I have extensive experience writing content for the web and a real-world understanding of SEO best practices. I can help you convey your message in a compelling way that will increase exposure to your blog.

You will receive:

  • A 60-minite Skype or telephone consultation to address your unique opportunities
  • WordPress optimization tips
  • Content strategies (how to publish compelling content consistently)
  • Social media and community management (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Guest posting consultation
  • Recommendations on how to monetize your blog (and when)
  • Email marketing and strategies (software recommendation, content creation and template development)
  • Google Analytics support (tracking, monitoring, and management)
  • Search Engine Optimization techniques (content and keyword/term analysis; link building strategies and goal setting)
  • Follow up blog consultation, editing and motivation
Schedule your consultation now for $149
How the one-on-one consultation works
  • Scheduling your consultation is essential. Because of the in-depth nature of each consultation, I only schedule three consultations per week and many have been scheduled several weeks in advance. Avoid disappointment and schedule your consultation now.
  • We will schedule a mutually convenient time for the 60-minute one-on-one consultation. This is a strategy-rich session. At the end of the session, you will have a clear idea of what needs to be done along with a list of priorities.
  • You will receive free follow-up support up to two weeks after your consultation. We will use this time to monitor your progress and to answer any questions.
Schedule your consultation now for $149
What others are saying

Huge thanks and kudos to you, Alex, for applying your keen eye, experienced hand and best blogging practices to refining my website

You were especially creative in revamping a blog I am now very proud of: I appreciate how your thorough analysis of my site was accompanied by clear, doable suggestions for improvement, some of which you implemented. You helped me and my web designer get the site where we wanted it, quickly and for a fee that was more than reasonable.

For all that I can’t thank you enough! – Suzanne Grenager, author of Bare Naked at the Reality Dance.

Alex is an excellent writer with a warm, engaging style. I often recommend his posts to others, due to his unique blend of thoughtful content and beautiful words. I’ve never read a piece of his which was anything less than heartfelt. – Ali Luke of

Alex lives from the heart, and his sincere, no nonsense approach to life and personal growth has enriched my life – and is sure to enrich yours and he will help your blog project grow. – Sid Savara of

Schedule your consultation now for $149
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Alex Blackwell
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