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Hear the Beautiful Words

By on Aug 31, 2015

beautiful words

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. – Mother Teresa

Most days the words wash over me.

I’ve heard them all before.

From the time I leave for work until the moment I return home, the words I hear are direct, clinical and spoken with little emotion. The words seem to be strategically selected so another point of view can be heard with greater emphasis. As I go about my day, the words I hear are often urgent, but not always important.

Some days, it feels like my heart has tuned out so it can’t receive any more empty words.

Tuning my Heart

With so much conflict in the world, it can be challenging to hear the words that bring relief, peace and hope. And by filtering so many of the dark, unproductive words before they reach my soul, can leave me unprepared to take in the words that matter most.

But these words, the words wrapped in a beautiful package made out of love, are the ones that can fill my soul and bring me back to life again. So, on the days when the world feels callous, I will keep tuning my heart until I hear these beautiful words loud and clear.

You are free

you are free

Show kindness to yourself

Kindness is the great rejuvenator. Kindness heals and covers the ugliness with love and care. Show yourself kindness, first. Agree to be human and leave your superhero cape at the door. Give mercy to the part of you that is feeling weak. Believe that humility in your weakness is a sign of great resolve – and power.

It’s okay to ask for what you want

ask for a miracle

You are powerful

The power in you offers love, provides encouragement, and finds forgiveness. Your power opens doors, takes down walls, and allows access to a beautiful world. Your amazing power changes lives – including your own.

This moment matters most

this moment matters most

Love is a gift

Love well is a simple, pure gift given from the heart. It doesn’t require much planning or effort; it just requires the awareness to do it.

Love is about lifting your head to see who is waiting beyond your reach. It’s about being aware of the needs of others and, when appropriate, to place these needs before your own.

To love well is an unselfish act of giving without considering what’s in it for you. The simple act of loving is the antidote when a heart needs some tender nourishment.

Mistakes are proof you are trying

mistakes are proof you are trying

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