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Good Things Never Die

By on May 28, 2013

things that never die

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. – Stephen King

The older I get, the more aware I become of life’s good things.

The good things of hearing the Cicada sing their summer song; or smelling earth’s delicious fragrance after a soaking rain or tasting a strawberry’s sweetness are a few of life’s good things that are simply beautiful.

But as good as these things are, there will come a day when the sounds, smells, sights and tastes of this world will stay here as my soul travels on.

While I’ll miss these good things, I’m learning there are some things even more beautiful. These things are connected to my soul and will follow me wherever I go.

These are the things that are born in this world, and will continue to live with me forever. These are the things that nurture me, give me strength and prepare my soul for the next destination.

These are the good things that never die:

The way kindness makes everything more beautiful.
The truth that I’m good enough just as I am.
A brother’s strong shoulder when I feel weak, and
Receiving love’s sweet kiss are good things that never die.

A spirit filled with hope.
Finding the strength to finally let go.
The courage to walk by faith, and
Burning for something that’s honest and pure are good things that never die.

The peace after the storm.
The freedom mercy gives.
Saying the words that encourage others, and
Forgiving the haters when they spit on this world are good things that never die.

The chance to show love.
Giving thanks always for the gifts I receive.
Remembering to pray even on the brightest days, and
Delighting the angels with the choices I make are good things that never die.

What Are Your Good Things?

Considering what you have been given, what are your good things that will never die? Is it?:

– The love in your child’s eyes
– Taking back your dignity
– Second chances
– Remembering to appreciate what you have
– The lessons passed down by your mother or father
– Using your passion to set the world on fire
– Ignoring the voice that demands you have to be perfect
– The warmth of love’s gentle touch
– Saying the words someone needs to hear
– Savoring every moment

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  • For me, the possibility of change. I used to believe in hope, but these days, I no longer use the word hope, but instead, I’ve changed it to, ‘adaptability’ That is, can I adapt to change, or adapt to a new behaviour to create change.


  • Love these ones the most 🙂

    A spirit filled with hope.

    Burning for something that’s honest and pure

    The warmth of love’s gentle touch

    • Matthew – I’m happy you enjoyed reading! These are three of my favorites, too.

  • Alex:
    You’ve been on a really nice roll lately. I always enjoy your words. Especially wonderful of late. I love a lot. I loved meeting my friends’ son for the first time this past weekend. He’s about 18 months and so cute. And seeing my friends as parents. Wow! I loved the beautiful speech my co-worker gave at a retirement lunch we had for him. He spoke for close to an hour, with something special to say about nearly every person in the room. I love the sound the grass makes under my feet when I walk around left field in softball. I can go on and on and even if my list isn’t quite what you meant, it made me feel good to write it so thank you. 🙂
    All the best, David

    • Those are all good things indeed David. Thanks so much for your wonderful encouragement!

  • I appreciate the distinction you make between those things we love, but that aren’t eternal, and the things we love that transcend this changing world. What is transcendent for me? Hmm, faith, love, forgiveness, compassion, integrity, openness, kindness, to name a few!

    Just wanted to stop by before I take a blogging break for the month of June, as I explained in my current post. I look forward to catching up with you then. All the best, Galen

  • Beautiful, Alex! I love the soft breezes here in the Bay Area that carry more than a faint scent of the sea.

    • Bobbi, that’s a good one. I love the scent of the sea, too.