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Give Your Heart to Simple Things

By on Jan 28, 2016


Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Post Update: Mary Beth and I are with our son and daughter-in-law this week as we welcome their beautiful daughter into the world. I thought of this post and wanted to share it again because it’s a reminder that love, family and the simple things are what matter most. Enjoy!

More than 30 years ago, I gave my heart to Mary Beth and then to each child as they come along. With all my heart, I’ve promised to love my family; to hold them close and to protect them the best I can.

And through God’s grace, it’s good to know that my heart has the capacity to give a little more.

Made to Love

A giving heart offers you the opportunity to receive joy, peace and love. A giving heart is made to love in big bites and in small; it’s designed to be kind to strangers; and it can love you with as much energy as you love others.

But your heart needs to be used every day for it to continue beating in its sweet, lovely rhythm. So, to keep your heart alive, continue giving it to the people closest to you – and give your heart to the simple things, too.

I give my heart to simple things everyday so it can be strong enough to hold my family forever; things like:

  • I give my heart to hearing the rain as I fall to sleep.
  • I give my heart to sharing a good laugh.
  • I give my heart to celebrating every success – no matter how big, or small.
  • I give my heart to feeling the surf wash over my feet.
  • I give my heart to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee.
  • I give my heart to each good-night kiss.
  • I give my heart to sleeping in clean sheets.
  • I give my heart to a peaceful morning run.
  • I give my heart to family dinners.
  • I give my heart to evening walks with my wife.
  • I give my heart to witnessing my children embrace life.
  • I give my heart to movie and popcorn night.
  • I give my heart to leaves changing to green, gold and red.
  • I give my heart to a lazy Sunday-morning breakfast.
  • I give my heart to hugging my children.
  • I give my heart to helping somebody and expecting nothing in return.
  • I give my heart to a cup of coffee with the perfect amount of cream.
  • I give my heart to having money left over after paying the bills.
  • I give my heart to feeling inspired to write.
  • I give my heart to watching a baseball game while drinking a cold beer.
  • I give my heart to admiring new-fallen snow.
  • I give my heart to having a day with nothing to do.
  • I give my heart to listening to music as I write.
  • I give my heart to petting my dog as she sleeps in my lap.

What about you? Please share in Comments below the simple things you give your heart to everyday. Reading by email? Just click through to visit the site.

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  • A lovely short post on how to ultimately increase your intuition, as well as your Heart Chakra (I suspect). Thanks for reminding us on what to give our heart to, becuase doing this on a regualr basis will also help your emotional and physical body. Thanks for sharing

  • Alex – just beautiful! I love your list and I think I’ll make one for myself!

    • That’s awesome Betsy – please share it when ready!

  • Fran Sorin

    Alex- you’ve done it again. As I’m reading this with my first cup of coffee, I say out loud ‘this is a great stuff’. You’ve certainly given your heart to writing a heartwarming post. With gratitude~

    • I’m so happy I made your coffee taste a little better Fran. Thanks so much for your encouraging words!

  • Kathy

    Alex – lovely post. Brene Brown speaks of ‘whole-heartedness’ and you sound like you give with your whole heart. Sometimes I worry that the hurt part of my heart isn’t open to giving (mostly to myself) – but you are so right that it is about practicing on the daily things, big and small.

    • Kathy, for me it’s one day at a time for making my heart whole and strong. Thank you for adding the Brene Brown reminder.