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Free Song Giveaway and Album Review: Iconoclast by LYRE

By on Mar 14, 2012

The stars align within my mind; my heart’s desire transcending time. – Dave Hoskins

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LYRE, a conscious pop rock band with a mission to entertain and encourage people to lives of passion and purpose, believes their music will entertain, enlighten, and even heal the human soul.

Bandleader Dave Hoskins describes the uniqueness of his band, “If Coldplay, David Byrne and Dire Straits formed a super group and wrote songs about themes taught by Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, or Jack Canfield it might sound like LYRE.”

After listening to the album, I agree.

The Giveaway

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The Review

I’ve stopped listening to pop music. Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Usher, along with their musical clichés have been too much to stomach.

What happened to good music?

What happened to David Bowie reminding us we can be Heroes or Bruce Springsteen telling us it’s okay to look for something better in Born to Run? Pitbull’s International Love just doesn’t cut it – at least not for this almost-50-year-old.

So, I’ve made a musical adjustment. My car radio is locked on contemporary Christian and I’ve seeded my Pandora station with artists like TobyMac, Matthew West and Brandon Heath. This music feeds my soul; it provides inspiration and gives me a more positive outlook, too.

When Dave Hoskins of LYRE contacted me to review his band’s album Iconoclast, I was skeptical. My disenchantment with mainstream music has become so jaded that I almost didn’t accept the invitation. But after reading Dave’s musical philosophy, encourage people to lives of passion and purpose, I took a closer look because it felt like his music was different.

Before listening to the songs, I read the lyrics. The words do convey hope. Each song is an encouraging message about how to live happier, richer and more meaningful lives

The song that spoke to me most is Like Water with these lyrics:

I look up to the stars and each night I see
The brilliant mind of God in its raw beauty
Across millions of years in waves sent just for me
The picture paints itself and once again I see

The idea of God constantly showing His beauty so we can see our beauty in the things we do is empowering.

In I Close My Eyes, Hoskins writes:

I close my eyes and it just comes to me
The cure to all that’s ailing
A steady drip into my soul
And I’m myself again

The song is a beautiful reminder that our lives do have a purpose, and our lives do matter.

After reading the lyrics, I eagerly listened to the music. The harmony, arrangement and melodic rhythm are soothing. Each song is presented like a prayer – with deliberate intention and a convincing belief in every note played. While I won’t listen to LRYE’s Iconoclast when exercising, I will listen to the album the next time my soul feels restless.

It seemed odd Dave Hoskins named the album Iconoclast. My impression is the Spirituality community protects their icons; not destroys them. However, as Hoskins explains, “I named this album Iconoclast because it represents the tearing down of entrenched belief systems in my own life and replacing them with those ways I now choose to believe. This is what I hope to inspire others to consider as well.”

Every song on Iconoclast is worthwhile; there are no throw-ins. LRYE’s commitment to sharing its passion shines from the first song to the last. Chances are good not one song will be shuffled between Britney and Katy on the American Top 40, but that’s exactly why my heart resonates with their music.

Listen Free and Giveaway Reminder

Dave has generously provided access to the album’s streaming player below. Reading by email? Visit the site to listen – just click here. Remember, you will receive the first song, Shining Through for free by leaving a comment below, simply share your favorite inspirational song of all time or comment about a song from LYRE’s Iconoclast. Enjoy!

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  • Sedgwick4

    Awesome music!

  • Sandi

    Thanks for the giveaway! My inspirational song is the old song, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”
    It refocuses me and reminds me to calm my mind and be peaceful on the inside.