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Free for Three Days (Saying Yes to Change)

By on May 01, 2012

You cannot change or heal what you do not acknowledge. – Author Unknown

Free for Three Days: The Kindle Edition of Saying Yes to Change: 10 Timeless Life Lessons for Creating Positive Change is free from May 1-3 – with no strings attached.

This special promotion is to create additional awareness about the book and its encouraging ten timeless life lessons for finding happiness and the sense of peace that comes with true self-acceptance. If you are a long time reader, but haven’t had the opportunity to order my new book, now’s your chance.

Download the Amazon Kindle Edition for free, right now. Did you know you don’t need a Kindle to read the Kindle version? You can use your computer, iPad, iPhone or other mobile device – just select your preferred delivery method in the right-hand sidebar on the Amazon page.

While there are absolutely no strings attached, if the book touches you, please consider these ways to help me spread the word:

  • Share the book with your family and friends and then invite then here, ( so they learn more about Saying Yes to Change.
  • Consider leaving a brief review on the Amazon page – here.
  • Purchase the paperback version. It’s easier to share a book, than a Kindle.
  • What others are saying

    In the three week’s since the book’s release, it has garnered positive reviews. Here‘s what some people are saying about Saying Yes to Change.

    Carolyn Rubenstein, author of Perseverance: True Voices of Cancer Survivors:

    Alex Blackwell’s vulnerability and willingness to share deeply personal events are awe-inspiring. It’s impossible not to find pieces of yourself reflected in the stories shared. Through his powerful writing, Blackwell shows you what’s possible if you create change and most importantly, gentle ways to make that change happen.

    Alisa Bowman, author of Project: Happily Ever After:

    If all you only see dead ends, if you only feel stress, if you only hear “should,” “no” and “not good enough,” pick up this book. Saying Yes to Change is a balm for every broken person’s soul. Through essays and stories, Blackwell artfully and transparently gives you a look at his own journey from brokenness to wholeness.

    Dr. Paul Fitzgerald, DMin; President, HeartConnexion Seminars:

    It’s been a delight to share Alex and Mary Beth’s healing journey from their participation in BreakThrough. Alex’s vulnerability about his journey brings credibility to make the book more than theory. Getting and keeping clarity and traction for change is critical and Saying Yes to Change is a wonderful collection of wisdom from many sources to dig in and keep moving forward.

    Nine reasons to read Saying Yes to Change

      1. This book is honest. It doesn’t contain ideas that only work in theory; it’s packed with practical, life-lived advice that will help you find your path to positive change.
      2. This book provides over 50 simple actions you can do right now to move toward the life you want. Each action is just the right size that you will see success immediately.
      3. This books reveals ten timeless life lessons:
        Lesson One: Prepare Your Soul for Change (ready your mind and heart for the journey)
        Lesson Two: Find Freedom from Pain (let go of the painful memories to find happiness)
        Lesson Three: Listen to Your Inner Philosopher (stay confident when facing doubt)
        Lesson Four: Recognize Your Beauty (accept and love your true self)
        Lesson Five: Learn To Live Without Asterisks (place no limits on the life waiting for you)
        Lesson Six: Be Inspired By Love (create and sustain loving, positive relationships)
        Lesson Seven: Live Beyond Your Skin (learn new tools for dealing with negative people)
        Lesson Eight: Find the Brighter Side of Failure (find value in everything that happens)
        Lesson Nine: Take Down the White Flag (find the courage to overcome barriers)
        Lesson Ten: Let Faith be Your Guide (learn to walk by faith)
      4. This book gives you a true window into my life. I reveal more in this book than I have ever done on The BridgeMaker blog. I want to open up to you, so I can remind you that you don’t have to walk alone.
      5. This book would make a great gift. Do you know someone who is struggling to find meaning, purpose and happiness? If so, please consider gifting this book.
      6. This book has been affordably priced. My hope is that it will reach the people who will be inspired, and changed, by reading it.
      7. This book is beautifully designed and has been professionally edited so that it’s easy to read.
      8. This book is written for you. Although I provide glimpses into my life, I do so as a way to share the ten timeless life lessons with you. These life lessons are intended to encourage you to acknowledge what you want to change or heal, beginning today.
      9. This book is important. I would be grateful if it touches many lives, and hearts – including yours.

    Free for Three Days: The Kindle Edition of Saying Yes to Change: 10 Timeless Life Lessons for Creating Positive Change is free from May 1-3 – with no strings attached.

    Thank you for helping me get the word out about Saying Yes to Change. If the book inspires you, please consider telling others about it’s positive, life-changing message.

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  • Allegra

    My husband just bought me a kindle. So we went on Amazon to download a few popular free ebooks to test it out. Your book was one that I chose. I read it in 2 days. Simply Amazing! And such PERFECT timing for me to be reading it. THANK YOU for being vulnerable and sharing your story. I am in the process of reclaiming what was taken from me and as a matter of fact I keep hearing that phrase over and over these last few months. I’m finally ready to live out my God given purpose!! You are right- no matter what you have been through or what mistakes you made in the past there is always hope. There is aways a choice. Starting today!

    • Thank you for reading my book Allegra. I’m glad to hear that you ready to reclaim your life Allegra, the life that belongs only to you! Hope is alive because you breathe life into it! Never underestimate how much you are loved.

  • Living beyond my skin is what I am especially working on right now.  Dealing with negative people in new ways is something I have been challenged to do since the first grade, 59 years ago!  While there’s life, there’s hope–always!

    •  Yes! There’s always hope. Keep your faith strong – always.

  • Nancy Shields

    So I was planning to go to bed earlier last night and then I started reading your book – I began enthralled in it and got myself a cup of tea and before you know it – the time was close to 11:30 p.m. and I was not going to stop reading – so I read the whole thing and you have a beautiful testimony that if you really desire change you can be the one to change.  When we change our views, our perspectives, our reality – life changes for us.  The desire has to be there and like the quote states you have to acknowledge that your life needs change.

    God Bless you and MaryBeth and what a beautiful story of LOVE!

    Thank you for sharing with me,

    • Nancy – thank you for trading a little sleep for reading my book. I appreciate your encouragement more than you know.


  • Wonderful! Thank you <3

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