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Free Book Giveaway and a Wisdom Tale

By on Sep 12, 2013

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There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough, to pay attention to the story. – Linda Hogan

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There is no doubt that nature offers us an unlimited source of wisdom. Just think about it; the singing of the birds, the happy and carefree flight of the butterfly and the way everything grows in silence.

How many of us take the time out to stop, listen and absorb the multitude of things that nature wants to tell us?

A fourteen year old entrepreneur from the Caribbean, Warren Cassell Jr., has recently published The Farm of Wisdom: 25 Unforgettable Tales that WIll Ignite a Wiser You. In the Farm of Wisdom, Warren shares twenty-five life lessons with the help of a fictional farm. The book also teaches that despite formal learning, life’s critical lessons can be learned from nature.

Kristen Butler, founder of the, says that “the Farm of Wisdom connects classic wisdom to the world in a way readers will remember.

Warren has written a tale called The Regretful Cock just for The BridgeMaker and is also offering two free copies of The Farm of Wisdom.

The Giveaway

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Wisdom Tale: The Regretful Cock

The rooster bellowed out from his perch, “Currcucuurrcurrrr!” signalling the beginning of another workday on Farmer Oliver’s farm. The sun had just come up and the animals were just coming out of their sleepy state. The rooster, after doing his only duty for the day, continued his dreary, miserable existence.

“Why should I be the one who has to wake up at the crack of dawn to tell these stupid animals that the sun is up?” he complained to himself, continuing his constant pecking for grain. “Yesterday, I woke up at dawn again, and I did my usual call. Then I went down to check out the hens, and Susie had the audacity to tell me that I was the biggest joke in the farm. Well, I’m not going to do a thing tomorrow,” the rooster chuckled cynically. “I hate this farm, I hate my life, and I hate my job!”

“My, my, it looks like someone is having a bad day.” Grandfather cock commented, overhearing his statement. “What’s wrong my boy? Don’t tell me that it’s Susie who has put you in this mood; she’s more cluck-cluck than think-think!”

“Don’t worry it’s nothing,” replied the rooster trying to shrug it off.

“Nothing? It must be something that has done this to you. It seems to me that something is keeping you from enjoying your life. I think you need to stop worrying about these trivial issues and focus on making the quality of your life better.”

“Well I think you need to mind your own business!” he rashly retorted since the wise cock’s words were a bit too convicting.

“What? Boy, if you were mine I would tear that beak of yours right off your face. Anyhow, time will tell, soon enough you’re going to learn the hard way,” he said.

The young rooster hurried off, and continued his miserable life; and as a result, he gained twice as many insults as before and became three times as unhappy. Eventually his self pity over took his little heart which ceased to beat, and absolutely no one cared.

Enjoy life today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. – Alan Coren

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  • Robin

    Nature is effortless. We can learn a lot from nature. We try too hard to “make things happen”, when we need to live and let be.

  • Robert Longley

    Nature is a combination of both predictable and unpredictable change. Some you can anticipate, but all you have to roll with. It’s a wave that you can ride, or try to stand up to and get slammed into the beach. Learning to embrace nature makes life much more enjoyable.