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Finding Healing

By on Dec 16, 2012

God is closest to those with broken hearts. – Jewish Saying

Life is standing still for the families of Sandy Hook. Friday night plans of Cub Scout meetings, sleep overs and Christmas parties didn’t happen. The unexplainable happened instead. And it happened so quickly; so viciously, that it took the breath, and spirit, out of a community, and out of a nation.


I don’t know. I can’t get my head around this one.

All I know is this: Life’s pain is too much to bear at times. Sandy Hook is a terrible reminder of the everyday pain we face – loved ones die, relationships fall apart, and natural disasters turn our world upside down. Sometimes all we can do is sit with the pain and try to survive.

But life, and the pain it brings, is not meant to be experienced alone. We can ask for help and share our burdens. We can connect with others and allow their love to wash over our brokenness.

Most of all, we take comfort in the fact that healing is patient. There’s no rush and there are no expectations to forgive. Forgiveness, after all, is for our benefit. Forgiveness doesn’t excuse; forgiveness sets us free.

Finding healing

Sandy Hook is hurting. Let’s not let them sit too long with their pain. We can reach out with our thoughts and prayers. We can reach out with our hearts and the knowledge of what it takes to find healing.

We can use our pain as a compass to guide the Sandy Hook families through their pain. By our pain, we have learned to look for the light that will eventually shine through the cracks. This light is our faith and our faith is strong enough to be shared with others.

Maybe bad things happen so we can be stronger for others. It wasn’t God Will’s that caused this tragedy to happen, but we can answer God’s Will to serve and love others right now.

If we do, our collective strength will help Sandy Hook find love, a little relief and an abundance of healing that’s waiting just for them.

You can send your words of healing and love in an Evergram. All messages will be collected and given to the families.

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  • Debby Halperin

    Thank you Alex for including the Evergram link in your post. It is humbling that you chose to include it and we hope that it makes a small difference for the grieving families of Sandy Hook as well as providing some relief for those who leave a message. Jeff Caden

    • You are most welcome Jeff, and thank you for providing a way for us to share our prayers and grief for the Sandy Hook families.