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Finding Faith and a Message of Hope in the Unexpected

By on Jan 18, 2010


The feeling remains that God is on the journey, too. – Teresa of Avila

This past week an important message was delivered – be grateful for the moment we have because there is no guarantee it will be repeated. This message is not rooted in pessimism, but rather in the awareness to appreciate what we have, right now, because it can easily, and quickly, be taken away.

The earthquake in Haiti happened without warning and without mercy. The ground shook as the worst disaster of the century descended on an entire country. The powerful earthquake was unexpected and it didn’t care if buildings toppled or if people were trapped underneath. On a regular Tuesday evening, thousands of people lost their lives in just a few, brief moments.

However, my faith reminds me that God creates miracles from disasters. Some suggest that God could have prevented this crisis in the first place, thus avoiding the need for any miracle. But it’s not that simple. Some suggest the people in Haiti must have deserved the disaster because they were not faithful enough. Not true and, again, it’s not that simple.

Disasters happen not because God causes them to happen or because we have lost our faith; bad things happen because God allows them to happen. He knows there is a greater good by allowing these types of things to happen. This realty can be too much to stomach as we watch these people suffer.

When bad things happen our faith is tested and our hope is stretched. During difficult times it is important to remember our faith doesn’t give us an insurance policy against the unexpected. Instead our faith gives us an assurance policy that no matter what happens, He will never abandon us.

Perhaps the greater good in the earthquake was to remind us to appreciate each moment as if it were our last. Impatience, bitterness and selfishness seem to be on the rise lately. Sometimes as humans we need a wake-up call to grab our attention. We also need to trust His message, the earthquake in this instance, was delivered from a place of love – love for us and love for the souls who were lost.

The earthquake may have been indifferent to the damage it created, but God is not. My faith tells me He has a plan for every person impacted by this disaster and not to fear receiving this message. My faith tells me God has forsaken no one.

I see it. I feel it. I get it. The message is loud and clear and is speaking directly to my heart.

This moment, the one happening right now, is the best thing I have. I’m learning to appreciate these moments with greater energy and with a keener sense of their importance. The fact this moment is here is the best reminder I have to remember that I am alive.

Lending a hand

The people in Haiti have a long way to go before their lives return to normal. Water, food, and medicine are some of the things they need right now. If you feel called to serve and lend a hand of support, consider these resources:

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  • @ Walter: Like you, I don’t always understand these things either. Perhaps one day the answers will be made clearer. Thanks for sharing Walter.

  • Most of the time I don’t understand the wisdom behind every tragedy and misfortunes happening to mankind. I believe that God has nothing to do with it. The law of nature has taken its course and since we are part of this system, we are effected by it.

    God perhaps is the mysterious force behind faith, hope and optimism, telling us go beyond our feeble mind and see the truth behind any physical manifestation. After all, we are not of this world. 🙂

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  • Joie

    Two of the titles above resonate deeply as I read your words. The earthquake and the loss of life are one thing. Those perched and waiting are really tearing at my heart, and reminding me – as you say – how good life is in my little world.

    #2, I learned via FB only last evening that a dear man passed away that I got to know only slightly – but I am finding myself truly mourning that I did not keep him as a friend – more closely than I did. He had a huge heart that gave out last Monday. He has also been on my thoughts this past week, and perhaps now I know why.

    Yes, I am seeing with different eyes as we all have become so painfully aware of those lying in Haiti awaiting water, food, medical attention – and how brave the doctors who have gone there ARE as they care for the few as diligently as they can with no lights, primitive tools and their training that never prepared them for this.

    God Bless them all!