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Do You Have the Courage to Live Your Passions?

By on Feb 22, 2010

If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen for you, to you and because of you. – T. Alan Armstrong

In a favorite book, The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose, authors Janet and Christ Attwood make a distinction between passions and goals. They say, “A passion is how you choose to live your life. A goal is something you aim to achieve. When your passions are clear you can create goals that are aligned with your passions and begin to create the life you choose to live.”

That got me thinking about what I am really passionate about. When I think about passion, these questions come to mind:

  1. What lights me up and lifts my heart and spirit with joy?
  2. What do I love to do that I would do for free?
  3. What juices me and makes me giggle with excitement?
  4. What would I fight for?
  5. What do I stand for and value the most?

What do I love? Gosh, where do I begin?

My personal passions include my cats, my dear friends and colleagues, laughter, nail-biting books that I devour cover to cover, scintillating conversations, flowers, walks in nature, pampering, and great chocolate – things that bring me peace, nourish my mind body and spirit. Treat me to flowers or a day at the spa for mega pampering and I’m a happy woman.

When I was in my early 30’s my mother died. As a result of her death, I began searching for those deeper answers to understand my life and my purpose for being here. I had always been awake to a certain degree and after my mother’s death, my spiritual journey of consciousness accelerated exponentially.

The last 20+ years have been quite a ride of having my world turned upside down many times. I’ve often joked that if I knew then what I know now, I might have hit the ground running in the opposite direction. I’m so glad I didn’t know because these last decades have helped me to uncover my passions and my service to my SELF, God, and the world.

My greatest passion and total commitment are aligned with my spiritual path and soul calling; who I am here to be and what I am here to do. I realized that my purpose is to raise consciousness on the planet, many people at a time; to help people wake up to remember who they are to live prosperous and meaningful lives in alignment with their soul path. Everything about who I am today is rooted in my passion and commitment to my soul life purpose.

As an interfaith Reverend Doctor, life coach, broadcaster, psychotherapist, writer, and inspirational speaker I have countless opportunities to be of service to others either directly or indirectly through my coaching, speaking, and writing.

So when I was first approached by my spiritual teacher decades ago and told that my path included public speaking and working with groups and audiences my first thought was, “You are out of your mind. No way! ”


Because as a child I was very shy and I had a slight stutter. Even though I did some acting and singing in public when I was much younger, performance anxiety was a strong fear and the idea of being vulnerably visible to audiences felt overwhelming, frightening, and unsafe. What if I began to stutter? What if what came out of my mouth was boring, made no sense, and was not worth listening to? I didn’t even like the sound of my own voice! What if?

The vision for my life clearly involved using my voice to touch people’s lives worldwide and I was continually pushed, nudged, and kicked by the Universe to take that step forward to bring my heart and voice to people who wanted and needed what was bursting within me to be shared.

So I agreed and began speaking about the things I deeply cared about – transforming fear and releasing illusions, faith, truth, courage, authenticity, life path…..

I recall my teacher saying, “When you speak from the heart, there is no fear.” He was right.
The voice and wisdom that flows from my heart and core essence is often filled with great healing, comfort, and inspiration that serves others in profound ways. There are specific times when I open my mouth that I am blown away by what comes out. I can feel an energy shift and I sense the voice that is coming through me is the voice of my soul and The Divine.

In those moments I am in awe of my SELF and the wisdom of the Universe speaking through me. It is a humbling and joyful experience to consciously partner with Source and witness the miracles unfolding!

Several years ago an invitation to host my own radio show dropped in my lap. Who me? Are you kidding? Talk on air every week? Hmmmmm…In prior years I did a lot of public speaking and the idea of radio seemed intriguing. So, I said yes. Gulp.

What a surprise to discover a passion and a talent for being a dynamic interviewer as well as being a great guest on other people’s shows and special events. I have come to know and appreciate that my voice is a great instrument to inspire and motivate others to embrace their brilliance and greatness. I LOVE to talk and inspire people. Speaking publicly has become a passion within my greater passion to my life journey and service to the world.

Hosting programs is part of the Divine plan for my life because of all the people I have been privileged to meet and share with people all over the world. Neale Donald Walsch, James Twyman, Anakha Coman, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and Marci Shimoff, Eric Pearl, Gay Hendricks, and so many more have said YES to be guests on my show.

And I have come to love not only hosting shows, I have become passionate about speaking on teleseminars, tele-summits, and special events virtually and in-person. Knowing that something I might say might be life-changing for another brings me joy!

The thank you emails people send me after interviews and presentations often take my breath away. I sometimes have to stop and breathe in the words people share so I don’t deflect them from coming into my heart. To be a great giver, you must also be a great receiver. Living your passions open your heart to amazing opportunities to give and receive love.

As I continue to bring my voice out in a multitude of ways in my business and personal life, including broadcasting, the questions I ask when making decisions include:

  1. Is this choice in alignment with my soul path?
  2. Is this choice in alignment with my values and passions?
  3. Is this choice serving others in the highest and best way?
  4. Is this choice an expression of Divine love?
  5. Is this choice Divinely inspired or motivated by fear?

When I am following my intuition and guidance, my soul smiles and I have those wonderful moments of feeling happy for no reason. When you say YES to the Universe and your soul path doors and windows fly open even when it appears you are hitting a brick wall or something seems impossible. The key is to stay the course in faith, trust, and courage no matter what.

Too often people use fears, beliefs, reasons and excuses to censor their deepest desires and end up feeling empty and unhappy despite successes. Trying to resist the force of true passion is like trying to hold back a tidal wave.

And the more consciously awakened you become, the more difficult it becomes to ignore the whispers of your soul. Living your passions and destiny is a journey of faith, trust, and courage. Although there are bumps along the journey, the rewards of aliveness, vibrancy, joy, love, and prosperity are worth every step to becoming a co-conspirator with God to expand Creation.

So, dear reader, my question to you is, “Are you living your passions? Are you saying YES to what is bursting to be expressed within you or are you saying no?

This year is ripe for miracles. Do you have the courage to say YES?

Lorraine Cohen is the CEO and founder of Powerfull Living. Join Lorraine on May 15 and 17 for two FREE calls: Awakening to Love: Revealing Your Courageous Heart in an Insane World. You are invited to register here.

  • Hi Lorraine,
    That’s an excellent article. It struck a chord with me. Especially the public speaking part. Even I was really shy as a teenager.But I really admired confident orators who could inspire the crowd with their speech. Deep down my heart I wanted to be one of them.I finally mustered the courage to face the fear and do it anyway. So joined one of the toastmasters club to hone my skills. Now guess what I have discovered my passion in public speaking.I really love it.Do read my blog where I talk about how being curious and open minded has helped me find my passion. Here is the link –

  • @ Great question to add Andrea. Thanks you for sharing

    @ Thank your Archan. I am blessed to have had a lot of support and guidance throughout my life although I didn’t always realize how much. Having the courage to walk forward in fear and uncertainty while having a strong sense of purpose has been a delicate balance that has not always been easy. Remembering I am not alone in my outer world and my inner one (with my SELF and God) has given me the courage to be who I am no matter what, especially when I feel fear. Every day is a new opportunity to express my passions with courage. 😀

    Love and blessings to you both,

  • Archan Mehta

    Well, Lorraine, thanks for your post. Great work.

    I think it is better to “follow your bliss” (Joseph Campbell) than follow the crowd. Doing what you love can heal you. This you have demonstrated already by your life and those you have enriched.

    You have encountered several setbacks in your life. However, giving back to society has been a way to nourish your soul. Whenever we suffer, our soul cries out for comfort, especially when you lose somebody who is so near and dear to you.

    I am happy for you that you discovered relatively early what it is you wanted to do with your life. Many people still don’t know about their true calling and are stuck in the rat race.

    We need to set people free instead of imprisoning them within the walls of conventions and stereotypes. Finding out what works for you and doing it can be a liberating experience. It also works for the benefit of our society to find a lone voice in the crowd who speaks his/her truth.

  • Great post, Alex! Another one I like when I have a coaching client that can’t seem to find their passion is, “What breaks your heart?”