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Everyday Inspiration Digest #2

By on May 16, 2014

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Here are are this week’s posts and popular photo gallery features on my blog, Everyday Inspiration. Together, we can inspire each other to never give up; to never turn away from our dreams and to see the beautiful, everyday gifts that are meant for you. – and for me.

10 Words of Encouragement that Can Change a Life Forever

words of encouragement
The right word said at the right time can inspire or encourage someone. The perfect words can provide hope or just give someone a boost when their energy is flagging. For all walks of life, here are a few words of encouragement for the person in your life who can use it. Maybe it’s you Click here to read the full post.

How to Overcome Your Five Biggest Fears

overcome fear
Many of us spend our lives crippled by emotional fears and anxieties that fuel procrastination and indecision, keeping us from realizing our true potential. If you experience this too, here are some simple ways you can overcome the five most common fears. Read the full post here.

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