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Even in the Struggle

By on Jul 15, 2010

Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand. – Emily Kimbrough

Even in the struggle, you are loved
You are being loved not in spite of the hardship, but through it.
The thing you see as wrenching, intolerable, life’s attack on you,
is an expression of love.

There is the part of us that fears and protects and defends and expects,
and has a story of the way it’s supposed to turn out.
That part clenches in fear, feels abandoned and cursed.

There is another part, resting at the floor of the well within, that understands:
this is how I am being graced, called, refined, by fire.

The secret is, it’s all love.
It’s all doorways to truth.
It’s all opportunity to merge with what is.

Most of us don’t step through the doorframe.
We stay on the known side.
We fight the door, we fight the frame, we scream and hang on.

On the other side, you are one with the earth, like the mountain.
You hum with life, like the moss.
On the other side, you are more beautiful:
wholeness in your bones, wisdom in your gaze,
the sage-self and the surrendered heart alive.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on Wise Living Blog. Tara requested to share her article with the readers of this blog.

Tara Mohr is a writer, coach and personal growth teacher who helps people connect with their own inner wisdom. Visit her blog Wise Living, or click her to receive her free, unconventional Goals Guide, “Turning Your Goals Upside Down and Inside Out to Get What You Really Want.

  • I think John Lennon said it very well. “All you need is LOVE’. Reading this for me is a perfect demonstration of the post. It takes two. I have a personal code that whenever I notice I am experiencing anything other than LOVE (hostility and fear) I reset my LOVE filter, and this post helped me to do that just now.

    Thank you. Attractively, with LOVE and GRATITUDE,
    Alan Hickman

  • Thank you!
    It *is* all Love..I’m glad there are others who step over the threshold so we may celebrate together as we bask in the sunshine on the other side…

  • It is a beautiful thought to remember that – we are being loved not in spite of the hardship, but through it!

  • Tara,
    This is wonderful…it’s all love, yes you and every word you write! Thank you and would you get that book written so I can buy it, dog ear it and underline it EVERY word! xo