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Who said it: Eminem or tobyMac?

By on Feb 09, 2014


wjo said it: Eminem or tobyMac

The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed. – Eminem


I’ll never be a non-stumbler. I’ll be a forgiven stumbler, but never a non-stumbler. – tobyMac

Special Announcement

This post has been updated with the answers to the Who said it: Eminem or tobyMac? quiz. The answers appear below each question.

I love music. All types of music. My car’s preset radio stations feature two Top 40, one adult contemporary, one news-talk (I know it’s not music, but it is the flagship station of the KC Royals) and two contemporary Christian music stations.

On a recent commute, I was pushing numbers trying to find a good song. My fingers stopped on two songs: Eminem’s Monster and then tobyMac’s Burn for You.

After listening to the songs back-to-back, the similarities between the two artists struck me. Over the years, I’ve downloaded several songs from Eminem and tobyMac. The well-written lyrics and powerful beats inspire me.

When I hear their music I hear passion. Both men share their past; their fears, their joys and their hopes in a way that resonates from me.

tobyMac is a Christian hip hop and pop performer while Eminem is a mainstream hip hop musician. They may appeal to different audiences, but they’ve found an audience of one in me.

Even though I don’t know them personally, I still get them – I understand them.

Who Said It?

As a way to share their music with you, and to challenge the stereotypes some folks may have of either artists, or the genres their represent, here’s a fun quiz.

Listed below are nine questions. Read the lyrics for each question and then in Comments below, let me know which artist wrote them. Reading by email. Click through to the share to share your answers.

You may answer all nine questions, or just answer one – it doesn’t matter. I will provide the correct answers on Wednesday, Feb 12 by 7 a.m. Central (US). Look for an updated post then.


(We’re using the honor system here, so no Googling!)


Q1: Who Said It: Eminem or tobyMac?

Simple minded little punk
Thought I was the junk
Nobody ever told me that my doo-doo stunk
What was I out of my mind
Or was I just trippin’ on an ego

A: tobyMac, Yours
Q2; Who Said It: Eminem or tobyMac?

Fire, takin’ it from warm to hot
Fire, gotta give it all we got
Fire, whoopsi-daisy, call me crazy, whoopsi-daisy
Come, we gonna catch that

A: tobyMac, Catchafire
Q3: Who Said It: Eminem or tobyMac?

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted. one moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?
You can do anything you set your mind to, man

A: Eminem, Lose Yourself


Burn for You – by tobyMac

(Reading by email? Click here to watch the tobyMac video.) What this song means to me: Expressing my faith is better than playing it safe and saying what I think people want to hear: “I’d rather burn for you than fade away.”

Q4: Who Said It: Eminem or tobyMac?

Come take my hand (come take my hand)
We’ll walk this road together, through the storm
Whatever weather, cold or warm
Just letting you know that you’re not alone

A: Eminem, Not Afraid
Q5: Who Said It: Eminem or tobyMac?

Love is in the house and the house is packed
So much so I left the back door cracked
Mama always said it’s a matter of fact
that when love is in the house the house is packed

A: tobyMac, Love Is in the House
Q6: Who Said It: Eminem or tobyMac?

I maybe made some mistakes
But I’m only human, but I’m man enough to face them today
What I did was stupid, no doubt it was dumb

A: Eminem, Cleanin Out My Closet


Monster – by Eminem

(Reading by email? Click here to watch the Eminem video.) What this song means to me: There is a side of me that I try to keep from seeing the light of day. This is the side that tempts me into seeing the world as a harsh place and can be a monster to control sometimes: “Cause I need an interventionist to intervene between me and this monster. And save me from myself and all this conflict.”

Q7: Who Said It: Eminem or tobyMac?

You got me feeling so fly
There ain’t a day that goes by
A supernatural high
Oh my goodness – people I can’t deny
You got me feeling so fly

A: tobyMac, Feelin’ So Fly
Q8: Who Said It: Eminem or tobyMac?

And to the rest of the world, god gave you the shoes
That fit you, so put ‘em on and wear ‘em
And be yourself, man, be proud of who you are
Even if it sounds corny,
Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you ain’t beautiful, so…

A: Eminem, Beautiful
Q9: Who Said It: Eminem or tobyMac?

You’re sleep walking
I’m sleep walking
You’re sleep walking
I’m still talking
Come spark the parts in me that all but died

A: tobyMac, Ignition

No matter where you come from, the church you attend (or don’t attend), or how you express the triumphs and tragedies in your life, we are connected by the fact we are human.

Connection grows when we share our humanness so no one ever has to feel damaged or alone.

You may not approve of Eminem’s actions or cringe when hearing some of his more explicit lyrics; and you may think tobyMac is too much of an evangelist for the Christian lifestyle. But underneath what each man proclaims, feels and believes, is a person who has found the courage to inspire and comfort others.

Eminem isn’t trying to corrupt and tobyMac isn’t trying to convert – they are just trying to share the music that lives inside them.


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  • http://treatmenttalk.org Cathy | Treatment Talk

    Fun post. Alex. I would be of no help with the quiz. i just haven’t listened to either one enough to know their music, but you’ve inspired me to check them out a little more. Take care, Cathy

    • http://www.thebridgemaker.com/ Alex Blackwell

      Please do check them out Cathy, that’s why I provide two videos in the post, both of which are good representations of their music. Enjoy!

  • Steve Blair

    Great post! Admittedly, I am a bit biased toward TobyMac (he’s been my favorite artist for about 3 years), but I’ve always respected Eminem (and enjoyed a few of his songs). Both men have shattered some stereotypes – some common between them, and some very unique to each of them.
    Ultimately, both are very talented artists…and apparently both have meaningful, thought provoking messages to communicate in their music, and in some cases remarkably similar messages.

    Here’s my attempt at the quiz:
    TMac (for sure) – Q2, Q5, Q7, Q9
    TMac (I think) – Q1…..could be either artist, but I don’t think Eminem would every drop “doo doo” – even if it was the perfect rhyme :)
    Eminem (for sure) – Q3, Q8 (TMac would capitalize the “G”)
    Eminem (I think) – Q4,
    Who knows – could be either one – Q6

    Great post.

    • http://www.thebridgemaker.com/ Alex Blackwell

      You’re close Steve. One answer will surprise you! I’ll post the answers here on Wednesday or you can try to pull them out of me at work!

  • http://www.thebridgemaker.com Alex Blackwell