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A Simple Path – To Embracing Change

By on Sep 28, 2014

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. – Wayne Dyer

This is my annual “autumn-is-my-favorite-season-because-it-reminds-me-to-embrace-change”post. If you are tired of reading these, then I won’t be offended if you click away.

But if you are like me, and embrace the need to pivot, adjust and change as life pivots, adjusts and changes then thanks for hanging out and celebrating the amazing gifts that embracing change offers.

Embracing change saved my marriage more than a decade ago. It made me a better father and a happier person, too. That’s why I cheer when I see the first hint of color in the leaves.

One of the most important life lessons learned is if I don’t acknowledge how my world is changing then I can’t acknowledge what I need to do to keep up. Life isn’t static – and neither are we. Our relationships change as does our income, spirituality, and personal needs. What we need next year and the years beyond are different than what we need today.

So, spotting the leave’s red and yellow hues reminds me to do a personal inventory to consider what changes I need to make so I’m ready for what’s next.

This self-accounting leads me back to remembering the most important reasons for embracing change. This is what’s on my list:

  • Making a change gives me the chance to grow. I have a hard time realizing personal growth if I continue to do the same things every day.
  • Change makes me stronger. Not all changes are beneficial, but there are always positives that can be found in them. I become stronger by learning to overcome the challenges that change presents.
  • Change teaches me how to be flexible and more open to compromise. When I have to look a little harder for solutions, it helps me grow.
  • Some changes are necessary for personal physical and mental health. Realizing I need to drop a few pounds or I need to connect with people who support me, can help with monitoring bad habits that steal my confidence.
  • Change gives me something new to look forward to. Change offers new adventures and the opportunity to learn more life lessons.
  • Change is one way to move forward with the goals I’ve set. Without change, I can feel stuck and uninspired.
  • Change allows me to grow spiritually. Remembering to lift my head from the busyness and lean on faith once again changes my outlook on life for the better.
  • Change helps me build new relationships. I meet people I wouldn’t have been able to meet without seeking change.
  • Change gives me the opportunity to stretch my wings and learn more about the world. I discover new interests, passions and talents that make life more complete.

Sometimes the simple path to embracing change begins by having a reminder to seek it. For me, it’s autumn and the prompts the season gives to celebrate change and how it makes my life more beautiful.

In a few weeks I will probably complain about raking the leaves. But knowing myself so well, I will strap on my iPhone, find some inspiring music and get lost thinking about what’s next and the importance of embracing change so I can find my way there.

embracing change

What is A Simple Path?

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