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Connecting with Stillness

By on May 31, 2010

Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen – that stillness becomes a radiance. – Morgan Freeman

Imagine it’s a summer morning and you’re walking barefoot in the green grass. You’ve come to search for Stillness.

You have brought a small pillow. So, you lie down on your back in the cool grass. The moment you close your eyes, you become increasingly aware of the sounds around you. The chirping birds make you smile.

After about 15 minutes your breathing has slowed down and you start to feel really peaceful. By now, you have become aware of a gentle breeze and the scent of jasmine. It feels like you’re one with nature…

We all have our own ideas about stillness. What it is, how it affects us and where to look for it. In this post I’ll share my experiences and perceptions of stillness with you.

Stillness takes on a whole new meaning, once you have touched upon it. Its peace and beauty are way beyond what any word or concept could ever define.

Stillness is life itself, the pulse of the universe. When sweet warmth stirs your being, then you know. Stillness is that. Stillness is divine.

Stillness or inner peace?

It’s natural to find inner peace when in nature. The sounds of birds, insects and water – even the wind, have a profound effect on our mental states.

It’s easy to relax when lying down with the eyes closed. Make sure the body is really comfortable.

While lying there in the grass, you can listen to the bird song or enjoy the scent of the flowers and herbs, which is relaxing in itself.

You can also pay attention to the sensations of the cool grass against your skin or the rising and falling of the chest, as you breathe.

Can you think of anything more peaceful than the sound of pouring rain?

To me, inner peace is a state of mental and physical calm, nothing more.

Now, picture someone who has an old cassette player. She brings it to the kitchen and puts the player and power cable on the table.

Note that the plug isn’t connected to the mains power supply. That’s how I view inner peace, a state of non-connectedness.

In order to connect with stillness you have to plug in the power cable, plugging in the cassette player is like connecting with the divine.

A trained mind can easily pierce through the dense layers of mental noise (feelings and thoughts) and connect with the realm of stillness.

Like a plane that takes off on a murky day, breaks through the clouds and is engulfed in bright sunlight.

We carry the divine within us.

Look inside…

Feel free to share your personal reflections and ideas about stillness in Comments below.

Axel Gjertsen lives in Thailand and is a former Buddhist monk. He runs axel g which is a personal development site with a focus on meditation. Axel g – personal development that works!

  • leojazz

    Oh Alex,
    that’s amazingly beautiful, inspiring and profound…
    Coming from an island, and living not so far from the sea and surrounded by tress all the time, I found myself immerse in that stillness very often..
    And I will say that I am blessed being where I am…
    Going to bed, and sweetly swayed by the sounds of the waves is just divine..
    And waking up, with the sounds of the morning chirpping birds, is a good start for the day…
    But above all, stillness is from the inside, being able to re centre myself, with all sounds around, and finding that comforting and peace of self is magic…
    Oh how good it feels, after breathing deeply the essence of life in your being..
    Oh when I’m like that I become poetic and free..
    Thank you Alex to refresh my being…
    Pure Love Energy

  • Thanks for your kind words.

    Yes, stillness is not only relaxing, it’s truly heartwarming.

    Prayer and meditation are natural ways to connect with stillness and the more you practice, the more refined it gets.

    Good luck with your meditation!

  • What a beautiful post. I have been meditating lately and there is nothing like that stillness – I hardly thought I would like it since I am a very hyper person but it just envelopes me and I find myself in a trance I never want to leave.

  • MGL

    Stillness is good.