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Close Your Eyes and Jump

By on Nov 18, 2014

a leap of faith

Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light. – Helen Keller

How strong is your faith right now?

Even without a net, do you jump?
Not knowing what will happen, do you take the leap?

Faith doesn’t come with an answer sheet. If it did, I think we wouldn’t try as hard.

What Faith Does

Faith grounds us. It keeps us focused and faith gets us ready to take one more step even when our bodies are begging us to stop.

Faith is the real deal. It makes us stronger and faith can show us the light even on the darkest nights.

Faith Gives Me the Reason

My world would be impossible without faith. Disappointment, death and doubt would cover me in a thick mud and drag me down to the ocean’s floor. I wouldn’t stand a chance against the Enemy without faith’s willingness to clean away the dirt so I can see what I’m really capable of doing,

Just as love gave me a second chance to be a better person, faith has given me the reason to be that person.

I have faith that what happens, happens for a reason.
I have faith that I will always be loved.
I have faith that my gifts are making a difference.
I have faith that the path I’m travelling is taking me in the right direction.
I have faith that the next life will be even more amazing than this one.

What about you? How strong is your faith right now? Do you need a boost?

If so, what works for me is to close my eyes and jump – even without a net. And not knowing what will happen next, I take the leap anyway.

Sometimes when you test your faith, your faith comes back stronger. So, close your eyes and jump. Faith will catch you.


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