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Celebrate Something Beautiful Today

By on Jan 29, 2009

The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.Frank Lloyd Wright

Tuesday, January 20 was a beautiful day for my country. The United States inaugurated a new president as over 2 million people watched as they stood in below freezing temperatures. Millions more watched on television or online. In fact, numerous businesses throughout the US could not access the Internet because so many of their employees were saturating available bandwidth in order to witness the proceedings.

A hospital here in Kansas City stopped admitting patients for about 30 minutes because access to their databases was slow. CNN.com served close to 19 million video streams, including 1.3 concurrent streams right before the oath of office was taken.

To be clear, this particular Tuesday in January wasn’t about politics. It was about people wanting to connect to an important event and celebrate something beautiful – together. This Tuesday in January most of us celebrated the promise of Hope and the idea we could be and do whatever we wanted. The warm feelings of promise radiated its incredible power and made what would be an otherwise miserably cold day in January simply beautiful.

The day provided the assurance that no matter how bad things may look or feel, there can always be a fresh start when we make the choice to see something beautiful. My country made that choice one day last November. You and I get to make this choice every day.

We get to look at each day and choose to see what’s right about it. We can allow each day to launch us closer to who we are becoming and one day further away from who we once were. If we want, we can take our own oath to celebrate something beautiful today.

Look for the opportunities

Beautiful things and beautiful moments are all around us just waiting for us to join the celebration. For me, it is the simple things that hold the most beauty.

  • When I open my eyes in the morning and realize God has given me another day to move closer to my purpose, I struggle just a bit to convince my body to leave the warm bed and begin moving in that direction. Soon, after I’m a little more alert, I drink-in the solace of the early morning and begin to celebrate the day before me.
  • There is beauty in the familiar. My favorite coffee mug, the sound of my wife breathing next to me as we find sleep, the 20-minute drive to work when I can take the time to dream about anything I choose and, most importantly, the knowledge my children love me unconditionally are beautiful to me.
  • Inspiration can be found daily. When I find it, I celebrate its gifts and beauty. It can be a lyric in a song I never heard before, an article in a magazine that resonates with my sense of purpose, or a act of random kindness someone performs that makes my day a little better.

BridgeMaker Voices
The following is from readers of The BridgeMaker. Please consider sharing the beautiful things you celebrate in Comments.

  • Barbara | Omaha, Nebraska
    Today, when I rode my bike, the sun was on my back, and the wind was pushing me along. My mind was full of the beauty surrounding me, and God was riding with me. I was able to forget, for awhile, the burdens of my life. I felt so free! Beautiful!!!
  • Aime | Topeka, Kansas
    Something beautiful that I have experienced lately is when I am talking with Clara (my 3 mo. old daughter) and she smiles or laughs with me. I think sometimes we are in such a hurry that we miss opportunities like this. I am in awe of her as much as she is of me!! It truly is amazing.
  • Dawna | Kansas City, Missouri
    Today I took a walk. I became very aware of my ability to use my senses to take in beauty. After experiencing the sun, sky, trees, wind, and ground with a new honor. I began experiencing myself anew. I can enjoy the beauty outside because of the beauty that is me. I breath, move, look, listen and especially appreciate being beautiful. Everyone is.
  • Meredith | Greensboro, North Carolina
    When my husband lets me know his plane has landed safely, when my daughter does all the dishes for me without me asking her, when my boys are playing nicely together, when my day comes together and there are no setbacks.
  • Jennifer | Kansas City, Missouri
    A hard thing happened today that caused great stress in my home. The beauty in that? Peace. I have peace deep within; God is with and for me. I am worth more than wrapping up in the anxiety of a hard thing. It is beauty to be peaceful.
  • Raquel | Morgantown, West Virginia
    The beautiful things that I find to celebrate are often the things that others pass by. There is beauty in the thankful tears from a homeless man when he receives food. There is beauty in the smile of the mentally challenged girl just being herself.
  • Michael | San Diego, California
    Boy oh boy, the Southern California sunsets are incredibly beautiful!! I SWEAR, God should charge admission!!
  • Amber | Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Today, when working with my friends in meditation, I was able to connect again with my future self. In this beautiful future, I am completely empowered – supported by life and Source – and I’m free.
  • Mirella | Miami, Florida
    Today I am celebrating my relationship with God. To have His guide, love and company made me realized how fortunate I am. Not only because of all the blessings I receive from Him but because through His Love working on me I am also able touch so many other souls in a positive way.
  • Renee | Vancouver, British Columbia
    Helping someone even in a small way, a friend, a stranger. Having gone through postpartum depression I can be of service to another going through the same thing. I am doing that now for a mom at my son’s school.
  • Lorna | United States
    Something beautiful for me is to be able to live in the moment, not go back to the past that we cannot change or live in the future, but experiencing and finding joy and love right here and now.
  • Cindy | Poughkeepsie, New York
    If I nag, negative things grow. I can share a concern but mostly it works best to be an example and meditate, exercise, clean house and share love. The love always grows and people tend to live up to my admiration.


My good friend and fellow blogger Lorraine Cohen has produced a beautiful video about the power of saying, “Yes.” I hope you enjoy it, too:

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