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Bite Sized Pieces of Change

By on Oct 13, 2010

Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever. – Keri Russell

I love autumn. After a long hot summer in Kansas City, this year’s parade of colors is both beautiful and appreciated. It’s amazing to watch nature because it knows when to do things differently. The earth wanted to be refreshed so it changed from summer into autumn to find some relief.

Autumn is a time for change. The lazy days of summer have ended and the frantic pace of the holiday season is fast approaching. But the busyness isn’t here yet. Now is autumn – a time to re-group and re-focus, and to rekindle our faith, hopes and dreams.

Like the leaves turning from green to red, orange and yellow, change is good for us, too. Change allows us to redefine and reinvent ourselves. Change gives us the opportunity to see things differently and to do things differently. If we always stayed the same then we wouldn’t have the chance to reveal all of our beautiful colors. Change allows us to find the relief we need.

Sometimes the enormity of what we want to change feels like there’s an elephant staring at us. However, change doesn’t happen by eating the elephant in one bite, it begins by eating the elephant one bite at a time. We don’t have to change everything about ourselves all at once, we just need to begin changing some things – a few bites at a time.

New choices bring change and change brings growth. So, begin by making a few new choices, a few bite sized choices, about what you want to refresh in your life. Here are a few examples to help get you started:

  • Goal: Live healthier.
    Bite Sized Pieces of Change: Take the stairs instead of the elevator; trade the fries for a salad; go to bed a little earlier; relax and breathe.
  • Goal: Improve the connection with your spouse or partner.
    Bite Sized Pieces of Change: Make time to be together; listen to the answer after asking a question; appreciate what you do have; say “I love you,” more often.
  • Goal: Become more productive.
    Bite Sized Pieces of Change: Make a list of things to do and then prioritize it; check your email only twice daily; eliminate distractions and focus on what’s important; de-clutter your desk and computer’s desktop.
  • Goal: Work on you.
    Bit Sized Pieces of Change: Replace a complaint with a compliment; read one book weekly; practice stillness (prayer, mediation, self-reflection) 30 minutes each day; turn off the television and turn on life.
  • Goal: Save more. Spend less.
    Bit Sized Pieces of Change: Throw away all but one credit card (use this one for emergencies); eat at home more often; wait two days before making a major purchase; create a budget and then follow it.
  • Goal: Break one bad habit.
    Bit Sized Pieces of Change: Become aware of one negative habit; make the commitment to change; ask for help and support along the way; commit to one daily action that will effect change; don’t give up.

Experience your life differently

You don’t have to turn the world upside down to experience change in your life. Often times it’s the small things, the quiet victories you are able to claim, that will lead to lasting change.

After arriving to a place of change, take time to celebrate the accomplishment. Soak it in before considering your next bite.

Soon the leaves will fall and winter will hold its grip. And after that, change will occur again and new leaves will spring out of the once-frozen limbs. These leaves will be filled with a new-found energy for life because just a few months earlier they made the commitment to a bite sized piece of change.

Share a bite

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  • I agree Kristy, there is a difference between “hearing” and “listening.” Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you back here soon.

  • Very inspirational! It’s great to remind ourselves that change indeed comes in bite-sized pieces…it is so easy to get overwhelmed! I love the one about listening to the answer when you ask your partner a question. With a 3 year old and and 8 months old, I can certainly relate to that challenge!

  • What a deliciously sounding recipe Joy – enjoy!