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Isn’t Life Beautiful?

By on Feb 11, 2013

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The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes. – Frank Lloyd Wright

A note from Alex: Mary Beth and I are taking our first vacation – alone, in almost 17 years. Our time together reminded me of this post. Even though a lot has happened in the two and half years since writing this, my answer to the question, Isn’t Life Beautiful? hasn’t changed.

Looking for the beauty

The early-morning quiet is my time for reflection and prayer. The silence provides a suitable tabernacle for my soul. In the stillness, I consider the day to come.

My thoughts drift from the necessary and to the spectacular. I consider my day’s schedule, the tasks to accomplish and the appointments to keep.

After checking off the must-dos, my mind goes deeper. It goes to a place absent of urgency – it goes to a beautiful place.

Our lives can be anything we choose to make them. We can struggle with the complexity or we can delight in the simplicity. We can be overwhelmed by the ugliness or we can celebrate the beauty. I choose to look for the beauty.

As the day begins, I pause and remind myself that what I have today can be taken away tomorrow.

This is my life complete with setbacks and disappointments, but it’s also full of love and beauty. Gripping my coffee mug with both hands, I close my eyes and say a prayer of thankfulness.

I open my eyes to see our guest rising in the eastern sky and before starting my day I ask myself, “Isn’t life beautiful?”

Finding it

Making the choice to see beauty gives me an unfair advantage. My choice allows the opportunity to see life’s subtleties along with the obvious.

This perspective gives me the power to appreciate every detail I care to acknowledge. This power is the perfect conduit to happiness. It’s the small things, as well as the large, that create my beautiful life.

A Properly-Sized Window

Here’s a properly-sized window for you to look through. Perhaps if you do, you will become reacquainted with the beauty that is already a part of your life:

  • While running the first mile I notice the sun breaking over the trees. It looks like a curtain rising on a new performance. Recognizing my stage is being unveiled for another day is a beautiful sight.
  • The sound of my heart beating after the four-mile run tells me my body is still strong and capable of enduring just about anything. The rhythmic vibration feels beautiful.
  • After showering and dressing for work, I walk back into the bedroom to wake my wife. For a brief moment, I get to see her see like no one else does. And in that moment, my wife is simply beautiful.
  • Driving to the office is my chance to listen to any song I want. I select a song and then allow the words to go deep inside so I can take in their beautiful melody.
  • At work, my time is typically spent solving problems. Behind each problem is a person trying to correct a mistake or someone just trying to get it right. Either way, problems have a way of bringing out a person’s best and revealing their amazing beauty.
  • As my children grow older I’m finding more pleasure in being their father. A telephone call from Brandon telling me about a new business opportunity, receiving a text from Caitlin with a grammar question, talking baseball with Andrew or getting a hug from Emily are the most beautiful things that happen to me during the day.
  • Returning home, I flip on the news and start preparing dinner. The warmth of my home fills my spirit with beautiful comfort.
  • When it’s time to write, I grab my laptop computer and find a quiet spot. Some evenings the words surprise me and on other evenings the words frighten me, but on all evenings I experience the beautiful healing the words bring me.
The Question Swells

As the day draws to an end, I find myself in a beautiful place. Falling asleep next to my wife, the question swells inside me again, “Isn’t life beautiful?”

Before I drift to sleep, I hear my answer. It is clear, confident and full of promise. My answer roars in my head to the point it can sometimes startle me. My answer is my choice. It is based on how I choose to see my life.

My answer is yes.

Life is beautiful.

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