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By on Mar 23, 2011

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love – Marcus Aurelius

The world is hurting.
Hopelessness is spoken
in every language right now.

We are hurting.
Devastation, despair,
conflict, pain
is felt in the in the aftershocks
caused by the earthquakes,
the hungry faces,
and the wars that just won’t end.

The world is hurting.
Faith is being covered
by landslides of grief so thick
it’s hard to recognize where it once lived.

We are hurting.
Bombs are falling.
Nuclear plants are failing.
Solid ground is giving way
to shifting sand.

The world is hurting.
It needs a lift, a boost;
a chance to see a glimpse of hope
through the ashes.

and pour out your kindness.
Let it fall down and wash away
the pain with its healing grace.

and pour out your faith.
Let it strengthen the weak
so they can clear the debris
and claim their homes again.

and pour out your love.
Kiss the souls of the brothers and sisters
who will be part of your family forever.

Raise your voice to tell
the world you are here.
Lift your eyes to see
what you can do.
Reach out to touch
your world.

The moment to show
your beautiful colors
is today.

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  • Thanks again Alex,
    Certainly words to embrace, “stand to your full height” is a short statement that I enjoy.

    Be good to yourself

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  • Alex,

    Hi,this is amazing work! Arise indeed, I’m truly inspired by this and am been motivated to show more love and kindness to the world. I will certainly be sharing this!


    excellent write up kudos

  • Hello there Alex! and by the way, wow! I didn’t realize that you were an esteemed poet. That was a great poem with a great purpose. More so, it was clear as day that your heart was into every drip of it…that put my heart into it.

    Thank you Alex