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Affirmations That Can Change a Life

By on Sep 15, 2012

You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be. – David Viscott

Important note: Today’s post features I Create My World; the Power of Thought to Shape Our Lives: A Book of Affirmations – the joyful new children’s eBook by Connie Bowen, author and illustrator. The post also contains a free book giveaway. If you’re reading this in your inbox, you may want to click through to the site to participate.

Sharing the lively, whimsical paintings and affirmations of I Create My World with the children you love is an entertaining way to teach concepts of self-worth, self-esteem and inner strength. Learning these principles at a young age can shape one’s core beliefs, putting children on a positive life path.

The benefits to using this ebook are many. Time spent contemplating the importance of our thoughts, manifesting our dreams through visualization and focus, being thankful for what we have received, and that we are special, talented, and worthy, gives children the tools to use as stepping stones to realize their full potential.

Encouraging a child’s imagination

Listed below are the affirmations contained in I Create My World, and my thoughts on how to interpret them. Have fun with the bright, colorful paintings that contain their own characters with their own unique story. Encourage children to use their unlimited imaginations to describe and embellish each scene.

  • I can picture what I want to create – we can use visualization to help us manifest our dreams.
  • My imagination lifts me higher – using our unlimited imaginations in a positive way, picturing what we want to manifest in our lives keeps us aligned with our higher good.
  • I follow the light of my inner joy – being joyful is our natural state of being. Following the path of our joy is our unique compass to a fulfilling life.
  • I am right on track – we are always on track and can turn seeming obstacles into opportunities.
  • I bring love to all that I do – when we take action with love as our motivation, we will always uplift and inspire others, and our efforts will bear fruit in magnificent ways.
  • I love helping others do well and succeed – co-operation can replace competition when we realize our inner magnificence.
  • I am blessed with my own special talents and gifts – each of us has something special to offer in service to others. There is no one else in the universe quite like us.
  • I focus on what I love – keeping our attention focused on the positive aspects of all we encounter will bring more of what we want into our lives. We have an inner barometer that lets us know where we are focusing our attention. We can bring our attention back to what we love in an instant.
  • I am magnetic, drawing good into my life – our good is always available to us; we can step into the flow and allow it into our lives.
  • I am thankful for the bounty of the universe – being grateful and appreciative of what we have in our lives brings even more to appreciate, as our lives reflect our thoughts.
  • In giving, I receive – in the circle of life, as we give with joy, we are immeasurably enriched.
  • I am filled with starshine. I let my light shine brightly every day – letting our inner light shine through our smiles and positive attitudes creates a glow of well-being that uplifts everyone around us.
  • I hold the keys that create my world. – an introduction to the concept that our thoughts and words are actually shaping our experience.
  • My thoughts overflow with loving kindness – being loving and kind to others brings out the best in everyone.
  • The universe is fun, safe and loving – we are loved and cherished at all times.
  • All is well – taking a deep breath and repeating “All is well” allows us to step into an infinite field of loving possibilities.

Use I Create My World to empower you and your children and encourage them to create their own affirmations and illustrations. Remember to post their paintings around the house!

The Giveaway

Two winners will be selected to receive a free copy of I Create My World.

To enter the giveaway, share an affirmation that encourages you; or from Connie’s list above, share the affirmation that resonates with you most. Please share in Comments below. (Reading by email? Just click here to visit the blog so you can leave a comment, too!)

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The winners:
Bobbi Emel
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Connie Bowen is the author of the beloved Unity classic I Believe In Me, winner of the National Athena award for book-as-mentor in the category of spirituality. I Believe In Me was recently honored to be listed in Huffington Post’s 50 Inspiring Children’s Books With a Positive Message. Connie lives with her family in Portland, Oregon. Visit her at

  • Briar

    Learning to love myself and my daughter is always a good things. Wonderful book Connie..

    • Thank you, Briar. As Louise Hay says, I do think learning to love oneself is the cornerstone to creating a happy life. I do agree with you. Thank you for the compliment on my book. 😉

  • Anna

    I love your illustrations! They are so warm and cozy to look at. And your words are comforting. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Anna! I love using warm colors in my paintings. I appreciate your post ~ 😉

  • I live a positive life by surrounding myself with positive people and keep a daily journal for everything that I’m grateful for.The future is seen like the present…….following the principals of The Secret-Rhonda Byrne

    • Elizabeth – that’s such a *great* idea to keep a daily gratitude journal. I’m thrilled to hear of your fantastic results. I know we can all be an inspiration to each other by following the principles you outlined. Thank you so much for your post! 😉

  • Marie

    I follow the light of my inner joy, is something I had not put in those words for myself, but all the people around me ask how and why are you so happy all the time, I say that everyday is a great day, we are here, we have jobs, we have families, we are all blessed, so what the things you did not complete today will be there tomorrow. If today was my last day on earth I would be totally satisfied my life had been complete!

    • Marie, I can just feel your contented joy in your post! I love being reminded of all the blessings in my life – so thank you for that reminder! I’m so glad you like that affirmation 😉 Thank you for your comment, Marie.

  • What a fabulous book. The pictures and statements are so bright and positive. What better way to help our children believe the best of themselves and their world around them. Wishing you lots of success 🙂

    • Thank you, Carolyn. I love reading your comment! I truly appreciate your post. 😉