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A Simple Path – To Seeing How the Pieces Fit

By on Sep 29, 2013

“Life is like a puzzle. There may be difficulties finding the right pieces but in the end your puzzle will be complete.” ~ Alma Sales

Sometimes life seems like a table covered with puzzle pieces that have been organized into small piles by shape and color. We pick up the pieces – pieces like falling in love, discovering our passion, experiencing an unexpected tragedy or learning how to let go of the past – and then try to fit the pieces fit together so the whole picture can be revealed.

If only we could see the completed puzzle as a child, we could move forward with greater confidence and less anxiety.

Or could we?

Change Is Coming

Autumn has come to the Midwest; and with it, the promise of change hangs in the air.

The leaves are beginning to look more like flowers and the cooler temperatures work as a secret weapon to rejuvenate my spirit as the fresh air pours into the opened windows.

Change is coming to my house, too.

Paths that were once planned with certainty are now taking unexpected turns. Puzzle pieces are falling around my family as we hurry to fit them together so we can see the whole picture sooner, rather than later.

But one life lesson that has been repeated to me many times is we can’t force the pieces together.

When we surrender our need to figure out what the picture looks like, we can spend our time, and energy, simply looking at each piece for what it is – a lesson; a gift that reminds us that we don’t need to know all of the answers at once, we just need to stay strong in the belief there is a purpose for each of us greater than we can ever imagine.

Sometimes the simple path to seeing how the pieces fit begins with surrendering our need to see the final picture and then leaning on faith to remind us that everything is going be alright as long as we’re intentional with putting the pieces together one at a time.

Every night I say a prayer for my family.

I pray we are given the patience to just let the pieces fall around us while knowing that we don’t need to see the completed picture right away because the lessons learned as we fit the puzzle together will be just as powerful as the picture it eventually reveals.

life is a puzzle

What is A Simple Path?

This post is in A Simple Path, a twice-weekly series of short pieces inspired by my own life experiences. Each post is a simple path to experiencing something wonderful: maybe seeing life from a different perspective, or celebrating its beauty. Click here to read all posts in the series.

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  • Gillian Johnson-Baptiste

    This post reminds me of the scripture in Matt. 6:31-34 which talks about not worrying about tomorrow. It reminds me to choose to enjoy each day as a blessing, and to make the most of what I do have and be thankful; therein lies contentment.

    Thank you Alex for the timely reminder!

    • That is a beautiful scripture Gillian – thanks for the reminder of its power and grace.

  • This post fills my heart, Alex. I just crossed a big milestone, turning 50 last week and I experienced this. In fact, I was sitting in my living room, at the end of the day, thinking of how beautiful the day was…and then realizing every day is like that, should I choose to perceive it that way. And I thought, how the pieces slowly move closer …some fusing some still on their way.

    Hugs! Thank you for an uplifting post!

    • Happy belated birthday Vidya – may all of your days be special, and beautiful!

  • Nancy Shields

    The joy is in the journey isn’t it Alex…..thank you!

    • Indeed it is Nancy! Thanks for being on the journey with me!


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