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A Simple Path – To Making Room

By on Apr 02, 2014

Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things…we’re done here. – Ted Mosby

This past Sunday offered the first real taste of spring. Sunny and 75?, I knew what the day had in store – cleaning out the garage. And I couldn’t wait.

Road salt and sawdust covered the floor from a cold winter and a kitchen renovation project while cabinet doors and power tools were strategically stacked so our cars would just fit. The garage had never been such a disaster.

It was time to make some room so my family could maneuver more easily from the garage and into the house without tracking in dirt or getting nicked by a circular saw. With so much to do to reclaim this space, I divided my Sunday project into four steps:

Step One: Make a Plan

Not wanting to get overwhelmed by the task, I started by making a plan that included backing out the cars, emptying the contents of the garage so I could decide what to keep and what to throw away and then tackling the floor followed by deciding how to re-arrange the contents.

Step Two: Work My Plan

With my iPhone set to my favorite Pandora station, I started. One thing at a time, I reminded myself. There’s no need to do everything at once.

Step Three: Adjust

As the temperature rose to the mid-70s, so did the winds. A gusty southwest breeze, which was responsible for the warm day also made my chore a little more challenging. Adjustments were needed. I placed some of the larger items back inside to make a buffer so I could sweep without the mess flying around.

Step Four: Celebrate

After scooping up the last pile of crude, I admired my work. I knew the spotless, organized condition wouldn’t last long. Life goes on, and so do we. But it felt good to take back some control and make room for whatever happens next.

Sometimes the simple path to making room for better things begins by approaching how we clean out the clutter in our lives the same way we approach cleaning out our garages.

I stepped into the driveway to remove my workboots. In that moment, it occurred to me how much clutter I’ve cleaned out and how much more room that’s left for happiness, love and peace.

Anxiety is becoming more like what’s left in the dust pan and not getting in the way of making it inside my house safe and sound.


What is A Simple Path?

This post is in A Simple Path, a series of short pieces inspired by my own life experiences. Each post is a simple path to experiencing something wonderful: maybe seeing life from a different perspective, or celebrating its beauty. Please be sure to check out my book on Amazon: 20 Simple Paths to an Amazing Life.

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