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A Simple Path – To Leaving the Light On

By on May 20, 2012

“And just to show you how much I really miss you, every light in the house is on.” ~ Trace Adkins

Our younger son, Andrew, is home for the summer. He took his last exam on Wednesday and made it home on Thursday. Our house is a little fuller, busier – and we love it because time spent with Andrew is limited to bursts. We are happily beginning a burst now.

One noticeable change in the household routine is the light we leave on each night. Our bedroom is on the main floor and adjacent to the front of the house. There’s a small foyer behind the front door with a table and lamp.

Most evenings, Andrew visits friends after dinner. Mary Beth and I have decided not to impose a curfew. Instead, we tell him to be smart. Before heading to bed, and after Andrew has left, my wife and I make sure we turn the light on for our son. He knows to turn off the light when he returns. This will be the cue that he is home safely.

There’s always an adjustment period as I get accustomed to the extra light coming into our bedroom. I’ve learned how to place a pillow in just the right position so it blocks most of the light, but won’t keep me from noticing when my son signals his safe return home.

Over the next three months, my wife and I will leave the light on for Andrew. This practice is both a matter of convenience, and peace of mind. It’s also a reminder to notice the other things that are important in our lives.

When we leave the light on for the things that are close to our hearts, we are calling these things in from the shadows. We are saying we want to see these things with better clarity. We want them to be more obvious and we want to acknowledge their presence.

What, or who, are you leaving the light on for right now? Is it:
– for the dream that is burning inside you?
– for the piece that needs a little healing?
– for the strength to keep fighting?
– for listening to the cry of your soul?
– for love’s promise?
– for your faith – no matter the odds?
– for your spouse, partner, or children?
– for feeling at home in your own skin?

Sometimes the simple path to leaving the light on begins with noticing what’s important and then allowing the light to burn long enough so what’s close to our hearts has time to find its way back home.

Around 2:30 this morning, I heard Andrew in the foyer. He turned off the light before heading to bed. My son made it back home safely.

Realizing this, I took the pillow that was partially blocking the light and moved it away from my face and closer to my chest. A peaceful sleep waited for me next.

Thanks for leaving the light on for me

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  • Sue

    All of the above 🙂

  • What a heartfelt post, Alex. You leave the light on for us all. Thank you.