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A Simple Path – To Gratitude

By on Apr 18, 2011

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

Emily and I enjoyed a father-daughter night at the baseball game recently. I went to watch the surprisingly good Kansas City Royals; Emily went for the food and half-inning entertainment; and we both went to spend some time together.

In the third inning, the rain forced us to move from our field-side seats to ones that were covered by the second deck. Once settled, I enjoyed a Coors Light while Emily nibbled on her cotton candy as we watched our hometown team score three runs against the Seattle Marines.

There was so much to be grateful for at that moment.

By the fifth inning the cold rain was falling a little harder, but the umpires allowed the game to continue. When Emily and I retreated to dryer seats we selected two that were next to an area that accommodated wheelchairs. Sitting next to us was a father and his daughter. No doubt they were enjoying a father-daughter night, too.

At the end of the inning, the father asked me if I would watch his belongings so he could take his daughter to the restroom. I eagerly agreed and watched as he unlocked the wheels and pushed his daughter away.

She appeared to be a year or two younger than my 12-year-old Emily. I have zero medical training, but his daughter appeared to have Cerebral Pailsy. They returned by the top of the seventh inning. After thanking me, the father locked her wheels, covered her in a blanket and sat down to enjoy his beer.

There was so much to be grateful for at that moment.

Sometimes the simple path to gratitude is created by appreciating exactly what we have and wishing for nothing more.

After the Mariners batted in the top of the seventh inning, the umpires ordered the field to be covered and called the game. The Royals won 5 – 1.

I gave my rain poncho to Emily and helped her pull it over her head. She tied the strings to the hood before heading for the car. The rain was falling harder now so we sprinted across the parking lot and found the car quickly.

Driving home, the wipers kept up with the rain while providing a peaceful rhythm. Emily was tired after a long day and closed her eyes somewhere on I-435. We drove the rest of the way home in an appreciative silence.

There was so much to be grateful for at that moment.

What is A Simple Path?

This post is in A Simple Path, a series of short pieces inspired by my own life experiences. Each post is a simple path to experiencing something wonderful: maybe seeing life from a different perspective, or celebrating its beauty. Click here to read all posts in the series.

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  • J


    I am really GRATEFUL for this article and it’s reminder of how seldom people appreciate “the little things” – the things that matter most.

  • Now that warms my heart Michelle – thanks for the wonderful compliment.

  • Beautiful, Alex – thank you. While the post warmed my heart…it was the photo at the bottom that really filled it to the top. You are a great dad – just needed to say that. 🙂


  • The small, ordinary events are the ones we enjoy and cherish the most David – I agree.