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A Simple Path – To Going Back to the Moment of Truth

By on Apr 17, 2012

“Without faith there is no truth.” ~ Robert Brault

Between the disappointment of not realizing a goal or dealing with a painful situation, there are days when we want to raise our arms in surrender. It’s in these moments when it can feel like everything is broken. We lose sight of what’s good and we begin to lose our faith.

But when these moments knock us down, we need to go back to another moment – the moment of truth.

The moment of truth is when you looked in the mirror and noticed your exceptional beauty. It’s the moment when your child squeezed your hand a little tighter. The moment of truth is when you defeated the addiction. It’s the moment when you dared to soar a little higher. The moment of truth is when you felt love pour over you.

Demons on the attack

It can be easy for me to slip back to feeling like the little boy standing on the playground, alone. My demons still have a couple of claws and a tooth or two in me. No matter how hard I try to pull them off, my demons keep holding on a little longer.

It’s funny though. My demons exist because I allow them to exist. So, to pry one more claw away, I’ve been thinking about my moment of truth. It’s time to take some of their sting away.

I’m blessed to have several moments. The moment when I knew Mary Beth wanted to be my wife; the moment when Brandon was born; and the moment when my marriage was given a second chance. These were moments of truth.

Though my logical mind thinks these moments should be enough to shrug off my demons, I know I have to go one level deeper. It’s in this place where I find the moment of truth that gives me the strength to keep fighting. It’s the moment when I lip-synced It’s My Life in front of my BreakThrough Seminar training group while their love poured over me.

Sometimes the simple path to going back to the moment of truth happens when we feel the demons clawing at us, but we know where to find the remedy that will ease their sting.

Mary Beth sent me an email earlier today. She didn’t provide a subject line, only one short sentence: Thought you could use this today.

Under the sentence she included the link to It’s My Life.

I clicked the link, turned up on the volume and went back to my moment of truth.

On the days when the demons seem to be scratching a little harder, you can go back to your moment of truth and allow love to pour over you one more time, too.

Your moment of truth is waiting.

What is A Simple Path?

This post is in A Simple Path, a twice-weekly series of short pieces inspired by my own life experiences. Each post is a simple path to experiencing something wonderful: maybe seeing life from a different perspective, or celebrating its beauty. Click here to read all posts in the series.

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  • Alex, the moment of truth for all of us should include a conviction that we are loved–even if it is just we ourselves who love us!  Getting back to our centers and loving ourselves and then radiating that outwards–what a moment of truth!  God bless Mary Beth!

  • Nancy

    You are RIGHT ON with this post – LOVE the song too!  I had a few of those demons scratching at me in the last week – I had to NIP it and reconnect to my FAITH in knowing and TRUSTING that HE who is in ME is greater than the WORLD.

    Excellent post – will share….

    •  What a wonderful way to re-connect with your truth Nancy. Thanks for sharing.