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A Simple Path – To Finding Patience

By on Apr 11, 2011

“Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you and scorn in the one ahead” – Mac McCleary

We changed the family cell phone plan recently. A company was offering free Smartphones along with unlimited data and texting. Our current plan was set to expire so we jumped at the chance to bring a little more connectivity into our lives.

A condition of the offer was we had to pay for the Smartphones up front, but would receive a rebate afterward. That should have been the first red flag.

Three months after changing to the new company Mary Beth is on her third phone because the first two were glitchier than Microsoft’s Vista. What’s more, the customer service reps at the company’s local retail store know my wife by her first name now and we’re still waiting for the rest of the rebate to show up.

What we thought would make our lives a little easier has tested our patience instead.

No matter how thoughtful we are with our planning, we can’t always predict the outcome. This is true for cell phones and for everything else, too, like our relationships, finances and dreams. When things become frustrating, I’ve found the best first reaction isn’t to throw up our hands in disgust, but to reach down and find a little patience instead.

Sometimes the simple path to patience involves stopping to take a breath before reacting.

And while getting a working cell phone and promised rebate is important, what’s more important is not allowing a situation to get of best of us. Life is still good – just not the new cell phone plan.

Finding patience allows us to see the good things, the positive things in life. Patience helps us to see the good in any situation.

The rebate will arrive soon and three times will be the charm for Mary Beth’s phone. She’ll be able to reply to her emails throughout the day so when we meet at the end of it, we’ll enjoy a little more connectivity that won’t feel glitchy at all.

What is A Simple Path?

This post is in A Simple Path, a series of short pieces inspired by my own life experiences. Each post is a simple path to experiencing something wonderful: maybe seeing life from a different perspective, or celebrating its beauty. Click here to read all posts in the series.

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  • J


    L-O-L! Thank you for reminding me… :$

  • Good for you Dandy. And I’m with you about frustrating things – they can impact by centering like nothing can.

  • Hi Alex,
    Fortunatley I haven’t struggled with patience. I think it comes with having a calmness about myself. But when frustrating things happen it can throw me off balance terrible. Looking for what we can benefit from the situation can bring about some emotional ease. I look forward to your future post Alex! Thanks!

  • No, you’re not alone John; we are in this together!

    Joe, thanks for taking the walk with me.