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A Simple Path – To Going Back to School

By on Aug 14, 2013

“Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.” ~ Archimedes

The unofficial end of summer occurred earlier this week. Tuesday night was back-to-school night at Emily’s high school. The evening provided the opportunity for freshmen to learn more about the school before the year begins.

Sitting on the gym’s bleachers, the principal addressed both students and parents. He told us how excited he was that the new school year was beginning. Even though my daughter had been complaining about summer vacation coming to an end, I knew she was looking forward to the new experience.

The principal’s message was reassuring to the wide-eyed freshmen. He talked about the school’s strong academic tradition; the wide range of activities offered and the second-to-none spirit that makes the it a fun place to be.

He also delivered some important reminders, too – reminders I think were meant for the students and for the parents. The principal’s reminders included:
– Always give your best effort.
– Get involved.
– Give back to the community.
– Show respect regardless of a person’s race, religion or gender.
– There’s never a place for bullying.
– Dreams can come true.
– Don’t worry if you forget your locker combination because nobody’s perfect.

Listening to his words, it occurred to me that everyone should have a back-to-school night now and then. It would be encouraging to hear someone be excited for us and then remind us that the basics are what matter most.

Sometimes the simple path to going back to school begins when we take the opportunity to remember the lessons learned in school are the ones we should never forget – and the ones that will continue to shape who we are today.

The first day of school is almost here. I think Emily is ready to go. She’s completed her summer reading assignment, purchased her supplies and participated in an orientation that will make her first day a little less intimidating.

My daughter also received the principal’s reassurance that the year ahead would be a great one as long as she keeps the basics in mind.

I received the same reassurance at the back to school night and it was good to hear – again.

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