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A Late-Summer Reading List

By on Sep 05, 2010

We read to know we are not alone. – C.S. Lewis

This weekend marks the unofficial end of summer. Most schools will be back in session next week, vacations have been enjoyed and home project lists are growing. But, there is still this weekend.

If you are interested in spending your remaining summer days doing some reading, I invite you to grab your favorite beverage, nestle in a comfortable spot and consider this late-summer reading list.

The following articles are ones you may have missed. The first eight are the most popular articles over the last 12 months. The last two are my personal favorites. I hope you enjoy reading theses articles as much as I enjoyed writing them.

7 Simple Things to Do Everyday
Every day I attempt to go about my life with the best intentions. My goal is not to judge the bad days too harshly or the good days with too much jubilation, but to live somewhere in the middle. My middle is not filled with mediocrity or an area absent of passion; it’s simply a place of peace, knowing and balance. And part of living in the middle is doing seven simple things every day and then looking for the value in what happens next. [Read here]

22 Ways to Feel Alive Again
The following ways to feel alive again are ones that resonate with me and the results can be realized almost immediately. It is my hope I will begin learning to do more of these when I find myself feeling worn down and before my body meets the wall again. I hope you find some inspiration from this list, too. [Read here]

101 Ways to Love Each Other
By loving consciously, we discover love is the force that puts the world back together when it feels like it’s coming apart. It provides a sense of contentment and gratitude deep in our hearts and is the voice that tells us, “Everything will be okay.” Consider these ways to love each other and help create a world where beauty and grace can fill the hearts of everyone willing to give and then receive love’s gentle power. [Read here]

The Point of Being Human
Our lives will be measured by what we write on our hearts, not by what we write on our resumes. Our lives will be defined by the times when someone asked for our love and we gave it. Our lives will be shaped by the times when we asked for love and then received it. [Read here]

Finding the Beautiful You
Finding the beautiful you is not about finding perfection with how you look, but in accepting you are who you are for a reason. Perfection is not required, only joy in celebrating your special brand of compassion, talent and beauty. [Read here]

The Best Things in Life
The best things in life aren’t the things we have, but rather who we get to share these things with. The best things in my life were sitting with me on Thanksgiving Day. With my family, everything else is all the sweeter. [Read here]

Color My World with Change
The time between when we begin to feel the need for change and until the time we are ready to share our growth with the world may be cold and harsh. But our faith tells us that everything does have a season. Our bright colors that once announced our desire to change may soon fade when the reality of what we have to do in order to experience that change is understood. [Read here]

Isn’t Life Beautiful?
After showering and dressing for work, I walk back into the bedroom to wake my wife. For a brief moment, I get to see her see like no one else does. And in that moment, my wife is simply beautiful. [Read here]

Don’t Give Up on You
When you feel like giving up remember this one, simple truth: You are loved. Believe in this truth and use this certainty to rely on your faith and allow it to hold you together. [Read here]

Tracing Life Every Other Wednesday
My truth tells me that it’s not how I see myself when I feel covered in shame; my truth is how God sees me. My truth is what God says is the truth for me.Tracing life every other Wednesday is taking me to closer to this truth and to a place where redemption can live forever. [Read here]

The BridgeMaker is two-years-old!

The BridgeMaker turns two-years-old this week. What started as a kitchen-table hobby has grown into a passion. I sincerely appreciate you, the readers, for your support, encouragement and kind words along the way.

There have been many times when I considered quitting only finding an email the next day from a reader telling me how an article helped. You have made a difference in my life – thank you!

I will see you back here next year with another collection of posts to celebrate the blog’s three-year anniversary. Until then, it’s my honor to share the journey with you. – Alex

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