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A 12-Month Plan to Have an Amazing 2010

By on Jan 04, 2010


For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning. – T.S. Eliot

2010 will be an amazing year. This year my plan is keep the hope of a new year alive for more than just one month. In 2010 I will use the power, and the promise, of each new month to build momentum and sustain my commitment to the New Year resolutions I made a few days ago.

In previous years, most of my resolutions failed because there was never a real plan to support them. My intentions were good during the first few days of January, however, by mid to late-January I found my resolutions begin to fade away into the usual areas of being too busy, too overwhelmed and, to be honest, too scared that I might actually achieve one or two of them.

But this year will be different because as I look to the months ahead I see a blank slate that will reset itself every 30 days. New resolutions will be written monthly. Reframing my resolutions from big, almost overwhelming commitments and to more manageable, incremental and measurable ones will make 2010 an incredible year.

I think 2010 will be amazing because this approach will give me a better chance of keeping the promises I make to myself. And I think keeping more of my promises will feel pretty amazing, too.

January | Acknowledge and expect

My resolution in January is to take an honest inventory of the different areas in my life, such as marital, parental, occupational, spiritual and financial, and then decide what new promises, new changes, I can make that will turn the ordinary into the amazing.

The past several days have been spent on this discernment. I know now I am resolved to experience more love and less anxiety; to throw away what’s next not working and replace these broken things with new experiences and to get “back to the basics” of just being happier more often.

The other important resolution I have made this month is to believe that good things will happen for me. Expecting good things to happen is not the same as wishful thinking. Instead, it’s about finding the inner confidence to realize I am worthy of receiving my heart’s desire.

February | Allow love

My resolution for February will be to allow more love into my life. While it’s true I’m fortunate to have love exist in my life, there is an opportunity to improve how I love myself. Often, I give what I have to everyone else, while keeping little for myself. 2010 will be the year I will no longer settle for anything less than what I deserve.

March | Throw out what’s not working

March is a good time to think about spring cleaning and the need to throw out the clutter accumulated over the months and years. Like my house, I have collected some things that are no longer serving their purpose. Things like not using my voice to express my worth have gotten a little frayed and worn around the edges. It’s time to replace my timid voice with a stronger one.

April | Let it rain

The rejuvenating spring rains bring new life, and hope, to things of the Earth. My soul, for now, is of this Earth, too. April will be a good time to allow His rain to wash over me and release any remaining bitterness on the first year anniversary of my mother’s death. The resentment we allow to brew in our souls only keeps us from tasting the sweetness of grace.

May | Enjoy what I have

The long, cold winter finally loses its grip in May. The trees confidently show their new leaves and the flowers win-over the frozen soil and strut upward for all to see. Both are reminders to stop and appreciate what continues to grow in my life – my sense of self, my relationships with my children and my marriage.

June | Make time work for me

June owns the longest day. On this day, the sun is up earlier and sets later than any other day of the year. My resolution in June is to make better use of the time I have been given. I will focus on greeting all of my remaining sunrises with sweeter anticipation and will replace regret with contentment as I watch the sun gracefully fall in the western sky.

July | Taste freedom

In the United States we celebrate our freedom on July 4th. The day after is my birthday. This July I promise to emancipate myself from the self doubt that has lingered over me for too long. I will move confidently into the direction my heart is urging me to go. I don’t think I could give myself a better birthday present or find a more appropriate way to honor the independence of my country than by committing to be free, too.

August | Remember to rest

It takes effort providing for others and living in a sometimes complicated and stressful world. The hot, lazy days of August will be the perfect time to commit to easing off the gas pedal a little more often and remembering to rest along the way.

September | Back to the basics

September sees my children returning to college and school and the usual everyday schedule being restored. This month will provide the awareness for me to remember that when I stay within myself and do the simple, basic things in life I am happier. For me, the basics include surrendering my anxiety for trust; remembering to “just be,” and loving myself a little more each day. All are basic concepts but with potential life-changing results.

October | Change something

I love the fall and the beautiful leaves that begin to change from green to gold, red and orange. The fall is a time to take an inventory and see what changes I am willing to make. In October, I will resolve to let go of what’s holding me back and begin to understand a little better that if I want to get to where I want to go, then I have to make some difficult decisions along the way. And I will have to change, too.

November | Be thankful

My resolution in November will be to become more thankful – more thankful of the resources I have been forgiven; more thankful of my talents and more thankful to have this time to live, love and learn.

December | Learn to receive

Sometimes it can be difficult to receive a compliment or allow someone to do something nice for me. I can be a good giver, but a lousy receiver. This character trait often causes tension in my interpersonal relationships and keeps me from receiving a gift prepared especially for me. My promise in December will be to become a bit more vulnerable when a gift is offered and embrace the gesture with a sense of worthiness.

Join me during this amazing year

I would love to hear some of your resolutions for 2010. Please consider sharing in Comments below.

The promises we make are more likely to come true when we share them or write about them. I will provide updates about my year-long resolutions at the end of each month. I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

Here’s to 2010 and to the promise it will be an amazing year for us all.

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  • @ Mike: Fantastic suggestion Mike. I like the daily approach, but with a monthly focus.

  • Getting past the once a year new years resolution and making it more often is a powerful thing to learn. Reducing it to a reset every month is a good plan to start with. I encourage you to turn that monthly plan into a daily one though eventually. When you can start each day fresh and full of hope, spirit, drive and passion, your life will simply explode with joy and accomplishment.

  • @ Lori: Great idea. I may just print this article and keep it close by.

    @ Lana: Thanks for reading Lana.

  • It was beautiful Alex!

  • Lori Eanes

    You need to frame this and hang it where you can read it as a daily reminder. Wonderful resolutions to abide by year after year.