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7 Incredibly Important Links

By on Jul 18, 2010

To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the music the words make. – Truman Capote

Darren Rowse of Problogger.net recently issued a challenge to other bloggers. His idea is to create list posts that highlight important archived posts. He calls this the 7 Link Challenge (posts, or articles, have unique links that associate the name of the post to the writer’s blog) – I’m in Darren!

The BridgeMaker is approaching 200 posts. When the blog launched in September, 2008 it never occurred to me it would make it to 200. Each post means something special to me (you can read them all by visiting the Archives) and represent moments of faith, inspiration and change in my life. I would not take back one word I have written.

  1. My first post
    The first post was 10 Things You Wish You Had Never Learned. It was published on September 14, 2008 and takes a different approach to personal development. At first glance this idea, to identity 10 things you wish you had never learned, may seem like negative thinking. However, you must first acknowledge what you want to change or heal before real growth can occur. My list of 10 things contains some painful reminders of the past, but writing it provided the way to healing. I’m also humbled by the lists others share in the Comments area. Read it here
  2. A post I enjoyed writing the most
    Tracing Life Every Other Wednesday is the most transparent post I have written. This post gave me the opportunity to identify 10 positive things I am learning about myself and the new-found power (and courage) they are giving me. Read it here
  3. A post which has a great discussion
    How to Love Consciously has generated 211 comments, however, the spirited discussion started early with the second comment. The reader suggested I was talking myself into loving my wife. He went on to say once “rules” were placed around love, then it was no longer love. The discussion took off from there. Read it here
  4. A post on someone else’s blog I wish I had written
    10 Amazing Life Lessons You Can Learn from Albert Einstein published on Jay White’s Dumb Little Man is almost the perfect post. It contains ten irrefutable lessons from a man considered to be a genius – a wonderful combination. Read it here
  5. My most helpful post
    I provide five strategies for the times when we try a little too hard in life in How to Stop Trying So Hard (or Just Be Who You Are). The post contains a healthy measure of hope, too. Read it here
  6. A post title I’m most proud of
    Sometimes it’s the ordinary things in life that make the biggest difference. In How to Find More than Dinner in the Frozen Food Aisle, I recount the Saturdays Mary Beth plan more than our weekly meals in the grocery store’s frozen food aisle. Read it here
  7. A post I wish more people had read
    The death of my 18-year-old son’s friend inspired The Point of Being Human. It attempts to answer why some people are taken so soon. The post also explores the mystery of why we come into this world in the first place. Read it here

Thank you for allowing me to share these links with you. I’m looking forward to writing 200 more.

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