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6 Tips for Becoming a Better Man

By on Apr 09, 2011

Better the man that conquer a thousand thousand men is the one who conquer one, himself. – Buddha

The desire to become a better person is a noble goal for any individual. But the desire to become a better man requires a dedication to continuous character development that is specific for men.

There are guys who sincerely desire to become better men. They want to learn what it takes to develop into mature manhood, to have that masculine feeling of power that can only come from taking responsibility for their lives and pursuing their own path.

But how does a guy go about becoming a better man? And more importantly, what does a good or great man really look like?

For the men out there who want to learn more about what it means to be a better man, in a society that demands more and more from them every day, we answer these questions with six key ideas that any man can begin implementing in his life.

1. Take Responsibility
This is the first and perhaps one of the most important aspects for a man to realize if he must learn to take full responsibility for his entire life.

A man must take ownership of the decisions he has made that have brought him to the point at which he is in life, and he must also take ownership of every future decision that he makes.

To do this effectively, first accept everything the way it is in your life and then take possession of your life by claiming responsibility for how it has turned out and for what it can be. This one idea can fill you with a new sense of power and control over the matters of your life.

2. Stop Complaining
Nothing is more immature than a man who is always whining, complaining, and criticizing everything and everyone. Such individuals make themselves out to be victims in the world, as if they have absolutely no control over their lives and their destinies. The attitude of the victim is one of powerlessness.

If you want to develop more power and confidence in yourself as a man, then stop complaining. Become conscious of it. Become aware of the process when it arises. When a man begins to consciously monitor his thought behavior he has taken a significant step towards becoming a more mature man.

3. Find Your Path
Ask a few men what their path in life is and most cannot tell you. A man without a path in life is simply wandering through life aimlessly and without any direction.

The beauty about having a path in life is that it gives a man a sense duty and responsibility. It gives him a sense of purpose and belonging in this world, a mission. Every man needs a mission of his own to work towards completing.

Finding your path is the same as discovering your purpose. Once you know what it is, you’ll find that it is easier to have peace of mind when things don’t necessarily go your way, simply because you have a vision for your life to look forward to. You will always have something meaningful to hold on to.

4. Become a Producer
One of the main things that separate an average man from a mature self-reliant man is that one consumes more than he produces and the other produces more than he consumes.

When you observe the lives of great men, one thing is for certain: these are men who learned how to create massive amounts of value for the people, places, and things around them. They were able to harness their creative resources in such a way that they invented, built, pioneered or created great things and ideas.

To become a better man, you must then become a prolific producer. The path to manly maturity demands that a man remove his boyhood mentality of simply consuming and cultivate a manly attitude of creative diligence.

5. Overcome Fear of Failure & Criticism
There is one major thing that may cause a man to remain in a state of stagnation in which he has difficulty growing, and that is the fear of failure and criticism. The mature man learns that failure is simply the path to attainment, and criticism is a sign that he is alive and doing something productive.

If a man does not fail then he cannot succeed. If he is not willing to accept criticism then he cannot achieve.

It is simply a matter of him changing his perception of failure and criticism. The idea that failure is permanent and catastrophic tends to stop many individuals from even trying to achieve anything worthwhile in life, and criticism can only harm a man who has become too attached to what he has and what he does rather than who he is.

6. Develop Courage
Courage is one of those manly traits that can only come by actively seeking to build it. A man tends to build units of courage by taking action and by taking action towards those things that he may be fearful about.

Courage is what gives a man his ability to continuously act with confidence in any situation whether it is out of necessity or desire. Courage in both physical and moral forms is required for a man to become the best version of himself.

But moral courage is especially important because it gives him strength to stand up not only for the things he believes in and the path he follows, but also for the greater good of others.

Moral courage gives a man the strength to make the right decision regardless of what others may think of him. This is one of the most essential aspects that separate the average man from the mature man.

It is good to remember that without moral courage a man cannot think for himself. And if he cannot think for himself, then he has not yet taken responsibility for his own life.


Any man who desires to become better in all areas of his life will do well to take these traits of character into consideration. Without such characteristics that illustrate strength, courage, honor, and self-control, no man can rise to the great heights of success and achievement that he aspires to.

Such qualities are inseparable to the advancing man, and only those who can develop them will become a leader among his peers.

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  • Joyce

    Great post! All men should read this and implement in their lives, this well definitely benefit themselves and everyone around them. A very good read for women as well.. a lot to learn from it. I particularly love point 1 and 2! Thank you for sharing Daniel.

  • Sophie St.

    This is a great article!! I also think this applies to women as well in the exact same way. You made a great point by stating great men are excellent producers. As a young women(19), this is what i aspire to be. A woman that adds value to the lives of many, many people, as well as being a fearless and courageous woman who takes FULL responsibility for my life and my destiny.

  • Graat article Alex / Daniel, and one which all men should read. And this as others above have said, women readers would also benefit.

    Reading through the article, I felt a key one had missed out – and John Sherry in his comment above has summer it up nicely – SHARE your feelings.

    Being a man is not just about being macho – it’s also about being sensitive and expressing our feelings.

    Great post – thank you.

  • Stella

    This is a great article and I agree that women have much to learn from this as well.
    I have printed a copy to pass on to my son as he stands on the threshold of marriage and hopefully one day, fatherhood.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • I like this article, but it might be better with some interviews of men who have turned their lives around in quote form. Also, I was expecting a website with more articles when going to Daniel Offer’s site, and suspect this article was written by a woman using a pseudonym.