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50 Ways to Keep Your Heart Alive

By on Oct 23, 2011

Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much a heart can hold. – Zelda Fitzgerald

Most poets, spiritualists, and even some medical doctors believe there is a mind-body-soul connection. Our hearts provide the source of power necessary for this connection. What’s in our hearts, the condition of our hearts and the size of our hearts determine how strong this connection can be and how long it may last.

On a functional level, we need our hearts to distribute blood throughout our bodies. On a spiritual level, we depend on our hearts to give nourishment to our souls. But, it’s an ebb and flow. Meaning, we need to give our hearts a reason a reason to stay alive or they will stop.

Becoming isolated from others, feeling discouraged and losing hope can shut down our hearts in the metaphorical sense. Left unattended for long, our minds, bodies and souls will soon begin to shut down in the physical sense as well.

During times when I feel my heart is shutting down, I rely on these ways to keep it alive:

  1. Living simply and remembering there is power in less; not more.
  2. Seeing love in my children’s eyes.
  3. Keeping hate from entering my heart.
  4. Asking, “What do I want?” And then listening for the answer.
  5. Erasing the self-limiting tapes that play in my head.
  6. Expecting little and giving much.
  7. Forgiving.
  8. Watching my older son become a man.
  9. Knowing He is not done with me yet.
  10. Remembering to play like a child.
  11. Feeling an ounce of resurgence after a setback.
  12. Enjoying a summer night, a cold beer and a baseball game, all at the same time.
  13. Going to bed knowing I didn’t take any shortcuts.
  14. Receiving an unexpected kiss from Mary Beth.
  15. Savoring the first sip of coffee in the morning.
  16. Remembering the depth of my faith when my soul feels raw.
  17. Waiting for the good to rise out of the bad. It always does.
  18. Realizing I get to choose who I share my heart with.
  19. Taking one step forward as a reminder I do have the ability to keep moving.
  20. Acknowledging my reality so I can change it if it’s not working.
  21. Laughing when a circumstance goes from the absurd to the surreal.
  22. Exercising on days when I really don’t feel like it.
  23. Understanding my older daughter’s passion to help others is beautiful.
  24. Dreaming of what’s next.
  25. Appreciating the abundance in my life.
  26. Learning to replace my anxiety with peace.
  27. Surrendering my plan for His.
  28. Falling to sleep with my wife next to me.
  29. Tasting a fresh-cut watermelon.
  30. Embracing the fact my life has an expiration date.
  31. Understanding it’s not failure I sometimes fear, but happiness.
  32. Standing tall in the face of truth – even the uncomfortable truths about myself.
  33. Remembering what’s right in my life.
  34. Saying, “Yes” to things I want for myself.
  35. Experiencing the confidence my younger son possesses in everything he does.
  36. Slowing down and doing nothing.
  37. Asking for help and then feeling worthy to receive it.
  38. Trusting the process six years ago.
  39. Giving myself grace.
  40. Allowing good things to happen.
  41. Realizing I am more than enough.
  42. Healing the child within.
  43. Listening to my younger daughter sing happily throughout the house.
  44. Having a second chance to be a better son and brother.
  45. Hoping the Royals will win one more World Series in my lifetime.
  46. Knowing the pain I have experienced does indeed have a purpose.
  47. Beginning to love myself more.
  48. Realizing life is about doing, not just being.
  49. Discovering the unexpected.
  50. Living from my heart everyday.

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  • Dia

    Hi Alex,

    What a great list you have here. These are all great tips. I also do many of the tips you listed like exercising when I don’t feel like it, appreciating the abundance in my life, loving myself more, etc… There is for sure a connection between the mind, body and soul my friend. Thanks for sharing my friend

    • Dia, keeping the connection strong is what it’s all about!

  • Galen, I’m grateful for the present,and for you.

    David, these are good ways to navigate the river of life, too (I love that metaphor David – thanks).

    Trish, Your generous support keeps me going. I appreciate the encouragement more than you know.

    Jimmy, for me it’s about soaking in every second.

    John, In light of the recent tragedy, there is still so much to celebrate. The fact that life presents itself to me everyday is reason enough! Thanks so much for your friendship John.

  • Wonderful energy here Alex infused with love and care and divine kindness and all the more amazing considering what you’ve just been through. Made me feel real good this morning reading them. Your heart is most certainly alive my friend and inspiring all of ours. Peace Alex.

  • Alex,

    Welcome back and I hope all is well on your end.

    What a great way to return to the online scene. 50 ways to feel more alive at heart. I am impressed. Of all these, I like all those daily things that we do that we often take for granted. Like having our morning coffee, exercising despite having no motivation and who wouldn’t love falling asleep hugging your wife.

    Watching the children grow is also something I need to practice more. I think I focused too much on their pranks than the curiosity that they have. Gotta change that.

  • I love that the first thing on your list is to live simply. I think the biggest malady of this modern age is over-complicating our lives to the point where we stress out about things so insignificant it’s ridiculous. Thanks for still keeping on the flame of the bridgemaker even through this rough time. You’re one of the few blogs I really look forward to in my inbox and an inspiration to my own blog as well.