5 Fresh Ideas for Your Blog

5 Fresh Ideas for Your Blog

We can’t change anything until we get some fresh ideas, until we begin to see things differently. – James Hillman

If you are looking for some fresh ideas to get your blog going again, simply complete the contact form below.

Your blog will be carefully reviewed for content, design and readability. 5 fresh ideas will appear in your Inbox – it’s that easy.

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With over five years of successful blogging experience, my fresh ideas can save you countless hours and thousands of dollars. My blog, The BridgeMaker has received more than two million page views in less than five years.

I’ve also been named a top 20 and top 30 blogger.

I will help you breathe life back in your blog so it is properly designed, written and promoted so you can stand out as an expert in your field.

As part of the evaluation process, I will review and offer ideas on the following:

  • General blog design including post structure, navigation and reader experience.
  • Use of blog subscription services.
  • Social media accessibility.
  • Headline and image treatment (the two most important factors of any blog post).
  • Search Engine Optimization readiness.
  • General writing style.
  • Monetizing strategies.
  • Plus much more…

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