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3 Ways to Make Room for Joy

By on Jun 04, 2012

May everyone be happy and safe, and may their hearts be filled with joy. – Buddha

How many times a day do you hear the “little voice” inside your head that sometimes whispers and sometimes shouts “you are just not good enough”?

Or perhaps it says, “Who do you think you are?” Or, “Surely you must be crazy!”

If not so direct, the “little voice” can sometimes feel like self-doubt, lack of inspiration or simply putting up with a situation that you know you should have ended.

The truth is that most of us have grown so accustomed to our “little voice” that we don’t really notice it anymore. It has become a part of who we are, how we feel about ourselves and how we live.

These thoughts are not good or bad. They just are thoughts. Ultimately, they either support your goals, hopes and dreams or they prevent you from achieving them.

If this self-appointed critic has become a squatter; taking up valuable space, squashing your dreams and sabotaging your success before you even begin, it is time to move him/her out and clear the space to make room for your creativity, joy and happiness!

Here are three things you can do right now to kick out the squatter. By taking action, you can make an immediate impact, begin to shift how you interact with others and ultimately enrich your life with more joy:

  1. Awareness
    Pay attention to your thoughts. Particularly when you hesitate or hold back when there is a part of you that feels like you’d really like to take a step toward your dreams. Question: does this thought support me or not?” The simple act of paying attention and becoming aware of your “little voice” can stop it in its tracks.
  2. Acknowledgment
    Carl Jung once said, “What you resist persists.” Once you have finished step one and you clearly see and hear the “little voice” for what it is telling you, don’t try to push the thought away. Say either to yourself or out loud, “I hear you. Thanks, but no thanks.”
  3. Choose
    Now take the negative thought and make it affirmative. For instance, if your “little voice” has you thinking, “oh, I’ll never meet this deadline”, the opposite of that would be, “I will meet this deadline with time to spare.” Then, replace the old thought with the new thought!

Did you know it takes only 21 days to form a new habit? Take these three simple steps, practice, practice, practice and in less than one month you will have a powerful new “little voice” that echoes, “way to go!”

Paula G. Rosario is the founder of On The Edge of Greatness Coaching & Consulting: “It is my joy to support others as they find what Oprah has forever dubbed the "AHA" moment. This is the place where I want to be...this is the place where I thrive!” – Paula Rosario

  • Nicole

    Hey Paula– I love this picture you added to this post. I was wondering if I might could get your permission to use it for an event webpage?

  • Hello Paula – great words and thank you –
    I love – Awareness/Acknowledgement/Choose
    I have heard that Readiness is all but first we must be AWARE.  Acknowledgement is next and then we have the choice of what happens next.

    Thank you for the affirmation and validation of living in your truth!

  • So wise!  I call these shadow beliefs and counter beliefs.  Much of our thinking is habitual and below our level of consciousness.  Becoming aware of these shadow beliefs helps us see their impact and to adjust as desired.  Thanks for the very clear and simple steps to accomplish this.

    • Paula G. Rosario

       Hi Galen,

      Thanks so much for your comments!  I find it’s so much easier to break things down into bite size chunks and take baby steps…..don’t you?  I’m glad you found my words helpful!

      Here’s to your greatness,

      Paula G. Rosario, On The Edge of Greatness Coaching & Consulting