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25 Ways to Be Good for the World

By on Mar 17, 2011

We can do no great things, only small things with great love. – Mother Teresa

The world is hurting one more time.

My corner of the world learned about the latest destruction last Friday morning. Though similar events have happened recently, seeing the faces affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami in the Pacific didn’t ease the sting.

And gauging by the world’s reaction, no one else appears to be getting numb to these disasters either.

It’s good to know there’s still goodness left in this world.


I found out about the earthquake while checking my morning email. The internet is shrinking the world by making information more accessible. We see events in real time which heightens our awareness and provides the means to direct resources where they are needed most – both are good things.

However, before the internet connected our world, we had to rely on a different source to bring the world together. We had to rely on the power of the human spirit.

The human spirit joins everyone in the world. We smile, cry, love and dream alike. It doesn’t matter which corner of the world we call home because our homes are built the same way – they are built on hope and wired with the awareness that some day we will leave this world and enter a new one.

The human spirit moves us to find ways to ease suffering – whether it’s suffering on a large scale or a small one. We search for ways to bring peace to ourselves, our families and the communities we call home. The human spirit tells us the best we can do is to help each other make life peaceful happy and good.

My little world

My corner of the world is the right size for me. It holds my family and the things that bring me peace, happiness and make me feel good. My corner of the world isn’t perfect; it’s just where I call home.

While living here, I don’t forget the other six and half billion people who are my neighbors, too. I hurt when they hurt and I rejoice when they rejoice. It seems like there been more pain than happiness lately.

It would good to change this, if only for a moment.

Relief for goodness sake

There are many organizations receiving donations to help the victims in Japan and in the Pacific. My wife and I donated to the Red Cross, but you can find other reputable choices my visiting CNN | Impact Your World.

Not all of us can travel to Japan and there’s a financial limit to what we can donate, but we can do good things everyday in our corner of the world.

The human spirit is created from simple, thoughtful and positive actions. In honor of every victim who is suffering, show your goodness to the world today.

Perhaps by doing these good things, we can connect more people to the power of the human spirit. And then, like dominions, the goodness will travel around the world and into the souls of the people who need our love the most right now:

  1. Show kindness.
  2. When someone asks for your love – give it.
  3. Talk less and listen more.
  4. Practice the art of patience everyday.
  5. Accept everyone for who they are; reject no one for who they are.
  6. Leave an unexpected note of love, encouragement or appreciation.
  7. Say, “thank you.”
  8. When someone needs you, give your attention right away; don’t wait.
  9. Honor boundaries and expect your boundaries to be honored, too.
  10. Help your neighbors through their weeds.
  11. Let your partner know you believe in her.
  12. Let your partner know you respect him.
  13. Don’t use your words as a weapon.
  14. Show your children how to smile, relax and enjoy life.
  15. Never do anything you wouldn’t want your partner to know.
  16. Keep your word.
  17. Be fully present when in the presence of others.
  18. Share your wisdom when asked.
  19. Create a safe place for your family to live .
  20. Let go of grudges and live with a forgiving heart.
  21. Show respect to everyone you encounter.
  22. Give your shoulder for someone to grasp so they can take a leap of faith.
  23. Find ways to serve everyday.
  24. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
  25. Let your corner of the world see the goodness in you.

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  • Alex,
    Thank goodness we haven’t become numb to the tragedies affecting around the world that seem to be so much more common in recent years. My heart goes out to the Japanese people. I’m sending prayers of healing to them. I’m also grateful for all the Red Cross is doing and that I’m able to offer help through that channel.