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25 Amazing Things to Appreciate Today

By on Feb 02, 2011

When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. – Lao Tzu

It feels like the past several weeks have been one long day with just a handful of chances to find rest. This treadmill approach to life is grueling and it’s not sustainable. I get the sense my body is telling me to slow down; and I’m thinking I might want to listen.

Though the passion to accomplish my dreams still burns, this past Sunday I made the commitment to do nothing. My dreams were put on ice. I thought more about how to do nothing rather than how to do everything.

I didn’t write one single world; I closed my email; and I didn’t think about upcoming projects. Instead, my attention shifted to what was in front of me. My inner voice was telling me it doesn’t matter what I accomplish if I forget how to find delight in the simple things along the way.

This past Sunday was a day of rest and it was day to lift my head and take note of the gifts that are given to me every day. By slowing down I was able to see each gift’s amazing beauty; and by slowing down I was able to rekindle my appreciation for exactly what I have:

  1. I appreciate the first sip of coffee in the morning.
  2. I appreciate living in a warm home.
  3. I appreciate hearing my older son laugh.
  4. I appreciate when my favorite song is played on the radio.
  5. I appreciate receiving an encouraging comment on my blog.
  6. I appreciate listening to my younger daughter sing as she flits through the house.
  7. I appreciate the smell of dinner simmering in the slow cooker.
  8. I appreciate watching a KU basketball game with my older daughter.
  9. I appreciate the feeling of achievement after exercising.
  10. I appreciate receiving a compliment.
  11. I appreciate my next breath
  12. I appreciate the freedom to choose what I do; what I feel and who I am.
  13. I appreciate having fresh water to drink.
  14. I appreciate knowing I will always be loved.
  15. I appreciate the ability to touch others with the words I write.
  16. I appreciate the sensation of hot water pouring over me in the shower.
  17. I appreciate the wisdom I have gained.
  18. I appreciate witnessing kindness.
  19. I appreciate believing my faith will never abandon me.
  20. I appreciate getting text updates from my younger son at college.
  21. I appreciate wearing clean clothes.
  22. I appreciate a sweet kiss.
  23. I appreciate the essence of a good wine.
  24. I appreciate knowing baseball’s spring training will be here soon.
  25. I appreciate having my wife next to me every night.

Life resumed

The treadmill started again on Monday morning and I stepped on it obligingly. There is still more I want to do with my life. There is still a relationship to nurture with Mary Beth, children to raise and then grandchildren to welcome. There are still more words to write; places to visit and bills to pay.

There is still more to do before I die.

My inner voice is telling me on my last day I probably won’t remember the details of every dream realized; but I will remember with delightful clarity the simple things that brought me comfort, pleasure and peace during the journey.

It’s these things I took the time to appreciate a little more on Sunday.

It‘s these things I’m learning to appreciate a little more every day.

What do you appreciate?
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  • Melissa

    I appreciate my daughter and sons giggles of delight.