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23 Heartfelt Reasons I Will Always Love My Husband

By on Sep 08, 2008

When a wife has a good husband it is easily seen in her face. – Johann von Goethe

Article written by Mary Beth Blackwell. Connect with her on Facebook.

On a Personal Note: The following was written by my wife, Mary Beth. This Sunday, June 22, is our 23rd wedding anniversary. I can’t think of a more special gift she can give me than this list. I have not edited or changed what she wrote.

1. The way he lights up when I walk into the room as if he hasn’t seen me in a week.

2. The way he takes pride in his work and the joy in being a good provider.

3. The way he takes good care of himself physically by eating right and exercising. It is important to him to look good to me.

4. How he has a special relationship with each of our children. Each relationship is as different as they are.

5. For having the strength and courage five years ago when we were separated to take responsibility for his actions and make changes to become a better person.

6. For working hard to stick to the commitment he made five years ago to become a better person.

7. How he always has my morning coffee and mug and spoon ready for action when I wake up a few hours after her does.

8. How he is extra quiet in the morning so I can sleep while he gets ready for work. This includes shaving in dim light so the bathroom light does not wake me up.

9. The way he supported me through graduate school and gave me confidence in myself when I was running low.

10. The way he supports me in my career to do what I love most and not be worried about the pay. He insists that me being happy is more important than what I make.

11. The way he can manage to sneak money each month into the savings account so we will have funds for vacations or financial emergencies.

12. How he always makes sure that the water bottle by my bed is filled at night so I won’t run out in the middle of the night.

13. The way he supports me when I have to face my own demons in my life and provides encouragement and unbiased feedback to help me through it.

14. The way he absolutely loves to buy me great looking clothes that I would never think to buy for myself. He is such a metro sexual.

15. The way he is so committed to his Kansas City Royals and supports them each year whether or not they have a winning record.

16. The way he always wants to help our adult kids with their financial struggles. I tend to want to let them figure it out on their own, but he is always willing to lend a hand. They know that too and go to him instead of me when they need money.

17. The way he became a better and more engaged parent five years ago and no longer leaves the parenting to me.

18. The way he tells me that he loves my hair short when I cut it short, or he loves it long when I grow it out, or he loves the color when I get adventurous with highlighting. He just loves it anyway except the 80’s poodle perms. Not for him and should not have been for anyone!!

19. How he loves to share the responsibility of running errands on the weekends and household chores. He looks at it as a way to spend time together and we usually make it our special time.

20. His saintly patience as I struggle with hormonal changes as I enter into my forties. What I was spared with being pregnant on the hormonal front, I am sure making up for on the peri-menopausal front.

21. The way he supports me with my family who resemble the family from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. He seems to fit right in without being eaten alive.

22. The way he gets so much satisfaction from helping others become better people. He models a perfect example of someone who was not living life right and had the strength and courage to change and did. Through this accomplishment, he strives to help others who have that same aspiration.

23. Finally, the way this man has enriched my life and even though at times it was hard has made me a better person who is stronger, more confident, felt more loved and secure than before he came into my life.

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