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20 Inspirational Wallpapers to Brighten Your Day

By on Aug 25, 2013

inspirational wallpapers

Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it. – Bob Dylan

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time on your computer. Responding to emails, writing blog posts and creating presentations keeps me on the computer more than eight hours a day.

Some days it feels like my computer is an extension of me.

If your computer’s desktop is one of the first things you see in the morning and one of the last things you see at night, why not make it a source for inspiration? After all, you probably have inspirational things sitting on your desk, displayed on the wall or hanging on the refrigerator.

Here are 20 inspirational wallpapers to brighten your day – and a little inspiration for your computer’s desktop. Consider changing these wallpapers each week to keep the inspiration flowing in between the emails and presentations.

Follow these steps to save the inspirational images as your desktop’s wallpaper.
Windows® 7 Users:
– Mouse over the image you want to use
– Right-click on the image and select Set As Desktop Background

Windows® 8 Users:
– Save the image you want to use
– Open the Search charm, enter personalization, and then tap or click Settings.
– Tap or click Personalization and then navigate to the saved image to select it.

Mac ® Users:
– Save the image you want to use
– Go to System Preferences > Desktop Screen Saver panel
– Navigate to the saved image to select it.

1. Believe


2. The Importance of Character


3. Decide


4. Courage


5. Be the Change


6. Spreading Light


7. Shine


8. A New Beginning


9. Become It


10. Failure Is Not Final


11. Never Give Up

never give up

12. Design Your Life

design your life

13. Be You

Be You

14. Challenge Your Limits

chanllenge your limits

15. Create Your Message

create your message

16. The Road to Truth

the road to truth

17. Change the World

change the world

18. Use Your Imagination

use your imagination

19. Learn Something New Today

learn something today

20. Think Differently

change your thinking

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  • Thanks for the inspiration! I especially love the Gandhi and Einstein quotes!

  • Sahand

    Thanks Alex…you made my day by this post 🙂
    This is my favorite: Every exit is an Entry somewhere.

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