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14 Ways to Find Serenity Amid the Chaos

By on Oct 24, 2010

Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm. – Author Unknown

Our lives are lived at full speed. It can feel like there’s no slow motion option, no slow lanes where we can knock down the speed for a little while and no timeouts to use – it’s just life played at the speed of sound. Urgency is our new normal and it defines the pace of our day.

But there is a better way. There is a way to take back our time; to reclaim our peace of mind and to find solace amid the chaos. There is a way to find serenity again.

Serenity is the oasis in the middle of the busyness. It’s the place where we can refuel before heading back into the fray. Serenity is the place where we can find ourselves when we have become too busy to look.

Serenity doesn’t have to be just a wish. It can become a reality when you take specific steps to find it. Consider the following 14 ways to find serenity. And when you do, be sure to stop, relax and enjoy the beautiful life you are creating, – even when it’s being obscured by the supersonic vapor trails.

  1. Step away
    Unplug, disconnect and step away from your routine – if only for a little while. The way you keep in touch with others can be what’s keeping you out of touch with you. Shut the lid to your computer’s laptop and power down your Smartphone. Take a few minutes to consider nothingness and then feel your mind fill up with newfound clarity.
  2. Find fresh air
    There is a world full of brilliant, fresh smells. The crispness of a gentle breeze, the fragrance of fresh-cut grass, and the aroma of lilacs, azaleas and honeysuckle wait for your pleasure. Open the door and breathe in fresh air that is powerful enough to recharge your spirit.
  3. Hit reset
    It isn’t the reset button has stopped working; it may be you have stopped looking for it. When things seem overwhelming, reach into the middle of the chaos and allow your faith to find it. You find it by asking for clarification when you lack understanding; you find it by asking others to go a little slower and you find the reset button by acknowledging when you need a little help. Hitting the reset button is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of the amazing power you have over your life.
  4. Smile
    Taking a moment to see the brighter side can reinvigorate your mind and soul. Smile at the slow-moving checkout lines; smile at the rude store clerk and smile at yourself when a mistake is made. Laughter, along with your smile, brings serenity to even the most stressful situation.
  5. Trust your inner wisdom
    When you hear your inner wisdom, your inner voice, speak to you, it may be a good idea to listen. Your inner wisdom knows you better than anyone. It knows when you feel tired, discouraged and impatient. When it says, “slow down,” respect what you hear. Your inner wisdom will take you to serenity when you trust enough to follow it.
  6. Forgive yourself
    Being angry is exhausting. Anger takes energy and time. When you make a mistake, acknowledge it, own it and then forgive yourself. Regret hurts your soul; but forgiveness frees it. And in the freedom, serenity is waiting.
  7. Create a Blessings list
    Finding time to recognize the blessings in your life is an opportunity to focus on the positive. Find a quiet place, grab paper and pen and write down the wonderful things, the blessings, in your life. When you are finished, absorb the words and allow their goodness to take you to place of indescribable bliss.
  8. Remember…no one is perfect.
    Life isn’t about getting it right all of the time; it’s about making the most of the time you have to live it. Perfection breeds anxiety. Let go of the notion you have to do more to be perfect and embrace the truth you are perfect just the way you are. When you do, a peaceful calm will meet you right where you are.
  9. Be grateful
    Rather than focusing on what you don’t have, be grateful for what you do have. By living in a grateful state you are opening channels that will lead you to finding serenity in not just the extraordinary things, but in the ordinary things as well.
  10. Wellness
    When your body is worn-down and tired, your mind and spirit will quickly follow. Put good things in your body, exercise, and pay attention to the aches and pains. Make your body strong so your soul will be well.
  11. Step into nature
    Stepping into nature can be a bridge from stress and to serenity. There is a simple tranquility about being outside. The noise dissipates and the air feels cleaner. Nature provides a natural decompression chamber that will return your body to a state of peace.
  12. Sleep
    Sleep is the wild card in finding serenity. Without adequate sleep, fatigue, anxiety and depression can feel overwhelming. But with ample sleep, you have a better chance, a fighting chance, for clarity to guide you.
  13. Celebrate small victories
    Take time to celebrate each victory – no matter its size. If you on a diet and refrain from eating a desert; celebrate that. If you worked through your day’s to-do list; celebrate that. If you made it to the gym; celebrate that. Small victories create self-confidence and self-confidence creates self-love and love creates serenity.
  14. Learn to say no
    It’s difficult sustaining the habit of being all things to all people. When you do, you leave little for yourself. Saying “no,” is setting a boundary that is reasonable, and healthy. Saying “no,” gives you an opportunity to say “yes,” to your need for peace, happiness and serenity.

How do you find serenity?

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  • Antsbabydeb

    I really needed some good advice today, and that is exactly what I found here. Thank you

  • Anam

    Your words really motivated me achieve the serenity, am feeling it right now, really good.

  • The elegance of poetry is powerfully peaceful Clearly Composed. Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation.

  • Smiling and gratitude are two of my go to tactics and it’s great to see they made the list. I can also find serenity in poetry and good music. Both allow me to slip out of my own worries and focus on beauty instead. Here’s to serenity and all the paths we can take to get there. 🙂

  • Keep smiling Dia!

    Music is a great addition to the list Carolee. Thank you for sharing.