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10,000 Reasons I Love My Wife

By on Jun 20, 2012

Eventually you will come to realize that love heals everything, and love is all there is. – Gary Zukav

Mary Beth and I will not be together on our 27th wedding anniversary. Nothing is wrong. Logistics are just getting in the way.

On Friday, June 22 my wife will be visiting family in Virginia. I will stay back to work, keep an eye on Emily and count the moments until she returns.

Even after 27 years of marriage, four children, six houses, a couple of career changes and a move halfway across the country, I’m still in love with my wife. It’s not a token, convenient love; but a love that splashes around in my heart with so much vigor that it spills over and drips down into my soul.

However, like most couples, our marriage isn’t perfect and we don’t always see eye-to-eye. Mary Beth prefers the car’s temperature at a balmy 78 degrees while I like a chillier 65 degrees. She likes to fix things while I like to pay people to fix things. My wife puts mushrooms in the salad while I pick them out.

It is these differences that add the planks to our foundation. Even though some of the planks may creak and bend at times, they’re not at risk of coming apart because they are joined together by the strongest force I know – our love.

10,000 Reasons

Mary Beth and I are asked often how our marriage has lasted this long. Friends and family want to know how we went from being on the brink of divorce nine years ago to experiencing the happiest time in our marriage today.

We answer with these six reasons: Forgiveness, faith, trust, humor, passion and friendship.

These reasons are all true. Each love-giving, life-fulfilling, and grace-providing reason is true.

But deep down in the place where my soul catches the love rushing into it, I know there are more than 10, 50 or 100 reasons. After spending more than half of my life with Mary Beth, I know there are least 10,000 reasons I love my wife. Here are a few that have been splashing around in me for the last 27 years:

  • I love my wife because she inspires me to never give up.
  • I love my wife because she shows me I’m worthy to be loved.
  • I love my wife because she is a caring, thoughtful and attentive mother.
  • I love my wife because she is committed to improving the lives of others.
  • I love my wife because she rolls up the tube of toothpaste for me.
  • I love my wife because she looks absolutely beautiful in her sun dresses.
  • I love my wife because she gave me a second chance to be a better husband.
  • I love my wife because she is my best friend.
  • I love my wife because she knows how to love others.
  • I love my wife because she always has my back.
  • I love my wife because she is a kick-ass Words With Friends player.
  • I love my wife because she makes me feel safe.
  • I love my wife because she is comfortable in her own skin.
  • I love my wife because she whispers, “I love you,” before falling asleep.
  • I love my wife because she knows what the baseball term “unproductive out” means.
  • I love my wife because she thinks I’m a wonderful parent, partner and man.
  • I love my wife because she hums without even realizing it.
  • I love my wife because she likes to hold hands.
  • I love my wife because she never quits on herself, or on us.
  • I love my wife because she is the Yin to my Yang.
  • I love my wife because her spirit shines so bright.
  • I love my wife because she is a little challenged with her time-management skills (and it’s adorable).
  • I love my wife because she’s not perfect, but she is perfectly Mary Beth – and that’s more than enough for me.

Mary Beth – When my heart expires and squeezes out the last drop of love, please know that my soul will be waiting to catch it so I can love you for the next 10,000 years; so I can love you forever.

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  • aedgeworth

    What if she stopped doing those things? Would you still love her? The kind of love that God gives to us is unconditional and not “because of” anything.

    • Yes. I love the spirit and soul of my life; the other things are just of this world.


  • Mckeestevend

    My wife and I appear to be heading down the same path as you and your wide did. I hope that our ending is the same as yours. That is my fondest wish as we vacation in Virginia this week.

  • What a beautiful love “poem”!  I’m so moved by the depth of your love, Alex.  You have much to teach us when it comes to opening our hearts and loving fully.

  • Eloquently said my friend and so very beautiful!  You are both very blessed to have each other and the most beautiful thing that I read was that there was forgiveness involved even on the brink of divorce. 


    • Nancy – thanks for adding your warm spirit here. Forgiveness does indeed allow us to live in the present and appreciate what we have.

  • Reading posts like these makes me look forward to finally falling love too! (insert girly giggles here)

    We should make Alex well-known to ALL men in the world saying, “Hey, meet this guy. BE LIKE HIM. That is all.” 

    Happy anniversary!!!

    • Thank you Glori, but I have my warts, blemishes and plenty of perfections, too!