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When the World Feels Dark

By on Aug 17, 2015

10 truths

Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’ – Mary Anne Radmacher

Some days, no matter how many blessings you count in your life, the world seems dark. Depression, fear and a sense of panic that your world is falling apart all contribute to feelings of weariness; even despair. Some days, you feel like giving up.

Even the power of your faith is easily dulled and unable to pierce the darkness. But hold on one day longer because there is hope.

When you feel like your connection to the light is lost and the darkness is closing in, turn to these ten truths to give you hope – and to give you light once again.

  1. Surrender. Surrendering isn’t about giving up; it’s about closing your eyes, offering up your struggles and then getting out of the way. You will find meaning for the darkness in your life when you remove the clutter and let go.
  2. Seek your light. Whatever fills you up with hope, seek it. Consider talking with a friend, writing, joining a support group, or reconnecting with your spirituality. The most important thing is to seek sanctuary in a place that feels safe.
  3. Offer gratitude. No matter how dark the day may seem, find one thing to be grateful for and then offer your gratitude for it. Gratitude has a way of expanding exponentially when it is shown just one beam of light.
  4. Delay important decisions. When your world feels bleak isn’t the time to make important decisions. Unless you are in a threatening situation, give yourself time to work through the difficulties. Be certain you are making decisions that are based in reality and not in fear.
  5. Simply breathe. Close your eyes and remember to breathe. Feel your heart beat, slow down your mind and ground yourself with the fact that you are alive and doing your best.
  6. Change your thoughts. When you feel like everything is lost, stop focusing on what’s not working and start focusing on what is working. Reroute your panicky thoughts into more rational ones. Let these rational thoughts help you change your mind, and your life, back into a more peaceful one.
  7. Take time to heal. If your world has gone dark because of a loss, an illness or a disappointment, give yourself time to heal. You don’t have to be a superhero. Recognizing what needs mending will help to heal the brokenness with even greater care.
  8. Remember: You are powerful. Don’t let anyone or anything take away your power. Own your power and use it to bring the light back to your world.
  9. Believe. Believe in the promise of tomorrow, and prepare.
  10. Be ready to love. Love is the cornerstone of life. It offers hope and confidence. Love provides the energy to keep believing; to keep moving forward – especially when you are unsure of the destination. Be ready to receive love and to be love because Love’s light shines brighter than the darkness night.

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