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10 Memorable Ways to Be Successful

By on Dec 08, 2010

Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are. – Bernice Johnson Reagon

Article written by guest contributor Jonathan Figaro. Please visit Jonathan at The Dropout Kid.

Lean over the banister, with no wings to soar with, still think you can fly. Dare to dream and be brave. Leave behind the message in the bottle and create your own source of wisdom. How? Look in the mirror, the soul of a hustler is always revealed.

  1. Goals
    The net, Joey, the point is to aim for the net. “Ohh,” his face shakes in complete understanding. He was never taught this before.

    We aren’t taught to set and achieve goal as kids or young adults, this is why most people get nowhere in life. They run a marathon of dehydration before they realize, Gatorade is here to help, not hinder.

    Try this: Set down three specific, clear, cut and precise measurable objectives you want to meet. Shake hands with these ideologies, wine and dine the chief aim.

    Do this routine: Blog three times a week, lose one activity that wastes your time, and then set an aim for that seven day period. Let’s say you want to get one subscriber, find three things you can do, on a daily basis that will get you one subscriber for the week. Of course you can do more, but start small, build confidence, momentum kicks in.

  2. Make your goals realistic (remember realistic in ones perspective) then work on it.

  3. Choose to fight
    Slide, step, dodge, prance, dip, dodge, punch, K.O, never as easy as it sound, but with practice, you can’t lose. Muhammad Ali, Floyd may weather and Pacquiao are similar in that they never give into what others say. They proved everyone to be wrong, and themselves to be right. If they miss a flight, they would take the bus, if the bus broke down they biked it, if the bike breaks down, they run or found a hitchhiker to reach their destination.

    This is going to happen to you. The difference between those three men and you is that they made the choice to strive. What’s your decision?

    P.S There is no good reason to give up.

  4. End self pity
    “Pick your head up young man, no reason to cry, the world is too beautiful to shed tears of sorrow, if you’re going to cry, why not shed tears of joy,” the little guy started to laugh.

    Everyone in this world is usually so down on themselves. A bright day is when they are six feet under in hopes to get into heaven. Don’t let this be you. A brighter day starts today. The day you remind yourself, no- one life is perfect, and that’s the perfection of life. Remind yourself to visualize the future and work toward changing the present, and running light years away from the past.

  5. Substitute
    “Just switch it, oh yeah,” He said, in extreme acknowledgement.” I never thought of that, that’s why I’m here,” and the angel flew away.

    You can substitute a negative thought for a positive achievement. It’s time to put more optimism in your life. If you’re thinking along the lines of “I’ll never change, or I can’t,” change these negative and nefarious phrases to something completely opposite.

    Try to be specific and clear, so you can drive down the side streets of success.

  6. Wake and bake
    Wake up and soak in the smoke of good thoughts. Before you start your day, inhale the infinite possibilities of day. End the catastrophes of tomorrow. Blow smoke up of positive anticipation and lean to the side like a junkie.

    Sit with a cup of coffee or tea, and set positive conscious intentions to make sure today turns into a successful day. If you don’t pack your life with healthy lunches, how are you supposed to survive times of malnutrition?

  7. Give gratitude
    “Thank you, come again,” the Quickie Mart guys say.

    I looked away and thought to myself, why be we all just as grateful. Take a moment out today, whether its morning, noon or night, and just give thanks.

    Things you might take for granted, take a moment to appreciate, such as your vision, heart rate, mother, father, daughter, blog, job , shoes, clean clothes, shelter, money in account or pocket and parking ticket you didn’t get because you talked the cop out of it, all goes into account. Don’t miss a drip of gratitude, for that water your drink needs to be appreciated also.

  8. Say no to inner whining
    “Negro, You can’t,”

    Why do I listen to you?

    Well because I’m the voice of reason, and you just can’t that’s too big of a goal, look at all your other past failure, you can’t win. She said.

    He may be right I thought.

    “Of course I’m right,” she countered. Now cash in my advice, before you blow all your money on this stupid idea.

    What decision will I make?

    When negative thoughts try to drag you away from your home of optimism, kick it in the face and shut the door. Ignore the thought and it will go way. Negativity only grows when you give it attention. The attention you give it, the more it hinders your thinking. Remove yourself from its lime light, overshadow it with no love.

  9. Keep it simple
    “Keep it simple Tommy,” His wife’s voice rages on.

    What do you mean? He scurries this thoughts into the back of his throat like a tongue of an innocent child who said something he will soon regret, but knew he had to be said, to learn the lesson, only mistakes reveal.

    His wife opens her mouth and each syllable travels along the world of reality, his life begins to shift. Dedicate yourself to one craft and make sure you’re the greatest of all time.

    Forget what others say you should do and do what you want to. Life gets no simple than this,” her arctic comment warms his heart into molten lava; he can now walk on water. Tom’s eyes swells in happiness, tinker bell couldn’t of gave him a greater smile and understanding of life and happiness.

    When you decide you want to be successful, dedicate yourself to one craft and be the best in this field. Nothing is simpler than that.

    Once you reach high levels of success, then you can delegate your time to other aspects of your life. Trust your inner God and roll with life punches, just get up after you’re knocked out.

  10. Cook the breast and separate from the legs
    “Stir that water, prep the meat, and inject the ingredient so of your desires!”

    To be successful you must learn to separate the legs and cook the breasts – the breast being the main objective. What you can do, and you have to do to achieve your dreams. The legs beings are the things you can outsource.

    Never try to do everything, if you do, you’ll fail and run yourself ragged.

  11. Cheat on your wife
    Now I’m not promoting promiscuity. What I am promoting is that you leave your wife, (your craft or for ladies, your husband) for a while and soon you’ll realize, sometimes when you leave the best thing you ever had, you’ll understand, there nothing more-better (not sure if that’s a word) than what you have right at home.

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  • Good work Jonathan!!! You have a style all your own. It is blunt, honest, and yet beautiful and real. I find it very refreshing. It just feels good. Thank you for being you. You ROCK!! 🙂

    And Alex, thank you for having Jonathan here. Good choice!

    Hugs to you both,

  • Jonathan – you are always welcome here!

  • @ MaGeezy, Thanks alot. Your totally right. Focusing on a deadline does end procrastination. Have a wonderful day.

    @ Sandra Lee, I’m grateful for every beat and I know you are too.

    @Mary Beth, Thank alot. I’m glad you liked the post. Now please stop ( jk) your making me blush.

    @ Jk,Thanks Alot Jk. Look forward to read or watching your success on television. Dream Big Buddy.

    Final Thanks to Alex. Best buddy, cool pal and a great blogger. Cheers to you my friend.

  • Jk

    Jonathan – good stuff here. Success is an absolute must for me. In fact, I’m living it – but I’m also working to take it to the next level. Your advice will be petro for the journey.